You Will Never Believe What Gentleman Style is All About

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You can say that bespoke shirts are the right types of shirts to wear if what a man wants is the sharpest looks.

This is true in all cases as those shirts sharpen up men’s outfit and give them complete fitting.

Fitting is key as this ensures a professional appearance. No one favors baggy shirts, or unbalanced fittings, it just does not look any pleasant to human eyes.

Imagine if you were wearing a shirt or suit and its sleeves are too long or too short. Wouldn’t that be an anti-fashion? Fortunately, there are ways to solve that issue. One of them is by applying unique ways to tie your tie, this will shift the focus to your necktie knot rather than your awful looking attire.

In fact, you could get as creative as wearing a one of a kind tie knot for each week. A good example is the eldredge knot; the origins of it are unknown, yet there is no doubt that this one never fails to impress everyone.

However, the eldredge is knot an easy knot to tie, it can be as frustrating as tailoring your shirt yourself, so it requires a heavy dose of patience.

On the other hand, the trinity necktie knot comes a little easier; some say there are different ways to tie this knot, but there is actually only one. To get it successfully done, all you have to do is follow the steps in this video:

It simply could not get any easier than that and you may choose any tie you wish as long as it is not paisley.

That is what gentleman style is all about, sharp appearance and intrinsic details.


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