I help people to get really good at Stress! 

When I tell people what I do they look at me intrigued. Good at stress? Most people see stress as the devil, they work every day trying to eliminate stress. That is a terrible idea and goal. 

Life without stress would be boring, meaningless and lonely and this is why: 

1- Stress is the most powerful stimulus for growth and success. Think what happens when you break a bone and put your arm in a cast, the muscles get weak, they shrink, they atrophy. Muscles get strong when you stress it, you lift heavy weights, you fatigue it. Then you recover and you get a nicer, more powerful muscle. 

2 – The only things that stress us out are things that are meaningful to us. We let stress get to us when our expectations are not met when we don’t achieve our goals or people don’t act the way we want. We care, therefore, we stress. 

3 – In times of stress, we reach out, we ask for help. Stress brings us closer together. We like to help each other, we are tribal, we need community. Stress connects people and they grow together. 

On these 3 points above I tried to show you how positive Stress is, it all depends how you perceive it. 

Stress is not the problem, ever. The problem is how we take it, in other words, what we choose to focus on and the meaning we put on the event or situation. 

The other problem is lack of recovery. Stress only becomes a problem when rest and recovery do not match the level of stress. Bouts of stress alternated with rest, relaxation and recovery make us better, stronger, smarter and more resilient. Lack of recovery creates chronic stress, that is the one that makes us sick, fat and unhappy. 

Stress pushes us to grow! But only if we are willing to look that way. If you look at stress as something bad, negative, you won’t grow. It will put you in a state of protection and biologically, we can’t grow and protect at the same time. 

 Choose growth. Build your stress muscles, get fit for success. 

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Peace and love, Alex. 

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