Do you have hard time losing weight? Is your health or your extra weight affecting your emotional state or energy? Are you frustrated with diets and exercises regimes?

If you said YES, you are not alone. I coach many high achievers, successful realtors and busy entrepreneurs who struggle with body weight and image. I know your pain and challenges.

Do you love those sugary snacks and carbohydrates like bread and pizza? I have been there. I used to be literally addicted to carbs. That is how I ate in Brazil and I was always “skinny fat”. That means small frame with a bulged sticking out belly. I was always so embarrassed to take my shirt off. Then when I moved to USA in 1996 I gained over 10 Lbs. In my small frame, that was big, I was for the first time chubby. This is true. I will find pics and post for you to see.

Because I see this pain in many women and hear their stories about how they are emotionally down because of their bodies, I decided to help more women with weight issues. I am starting a group coaching program in March to help you, or other  women you might know to finally solve this issue of weight release, for good.

What is my program different?

This is not a typical program where I will be talking about diet and exercise. That is going to be 10% of the content. I am going to address the deeper issues about why you might be holding this weight, or why you tend to sabotage when you are there, in the groove of becoming healthier and thinner.

The program will be based on 6 pillars:

  • Stress
  • Self Image
  • Emotional Healing
  • Mindset about food and cravings
  • Restoring balance in the body
  • Foods and exercises to maximize weight release

The program is 6 months long. I am accepting applications right now as I will be taking only 8 women for the first program.

Are you interested? Reply to this email right now and share your phone number and I will be contacting you to discuss and make sure this is right for you and you are ready for transformation.

My 25 years working in the fitness industry plus 7 years helping people to shift mindsets and reframing stories and emotions give me absolutely confidence that this program will change lives.

Watch a video for a taste of what we will be discussing in depth during my program.

I hope to hear from you!

Peace and love, Alex.


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