Meet the Vitalé Studio Team

Alex Gil

Bronwyn_Fargo_AG_DW_0324Born and raised in Brazil, Alex (Alessandra) Gil has always had a deep passion for movement and play. She attended college in her native São Paulo, where she found time to excel in competitive swimming, volleyball and track while obtaining her B.S. in Physical Education. Alex continued her studies with an M.S. in Sports Conditioning, and during this time began her career as a fitness professional and exercise coach.

After obtaining her Master’s degree in 1995, Alex was called to seek an experience that was beyond Brazil. Her curiosity first took her to San Diego, where she spent five years building her fitness career while continuing to “walk the walk”; her free time was spent embracing a life of constant outdoor adventure, including running, rock climbing, skiing and beach volleyball.

Alex was eventually drawn to Boulder: an international Mecca for outdoor, health and extreme sports enthusiasts. Here, as part of a thriving community of world-class amateur and professional athletes, she was inspired to pursue higher levels of both professional and physical education, pushing herself to become a stronger athlete and a better coach. Alex soon added competitive cycling and mountain biking to her ever-growing list of physical pursuits, joining a highly respected athletic training team.

Then, in 2012, Alex began to explore a different kind of coaching—one designed to nurture the mind and spirit as well as the body. As a successful trainer for more than 20 years, she had seen first-hand how exercise can create both harmony and imbalance, both health and illness. But most importantly, that when accompanied by chronic stress, poor nutrition and emotional disconnection, physical activity can become an energy drain rather than an energy source. With this revelation, Alex began to see herself in a different, more holistic role; she wanted to guide her clients beyond mere bodily strength to a place where their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional lives could seamlessly align.

With this goal in mind, she enrolled in the Holistic Lifestyle Coach Certification Program at the CHEK Institute in San Diego. Founded by renowned holistic health expert Paul Chek, the Institute gave Alex not just critical knowledge in corrective and high-performance exercise, but also fresh insights about what it takes to be an effective coach—and new perspectives on the nature of health itself. She learned many lessons from her studies, but one stands out above the rest: to be a great coach, one must first master what one teaches. This principle is Alex’s practice, and the foundation of Vitalé. She does what she loves, loves what she does…and welcomes the opportunity to teach—and to learn—every single day.


Sara Kosick, MNT, CSCS

Holistic Roots Nutrition, LLC

Sara KosickGrowing up in Boulder, Colorado helped lay the foundation and pique Sara’s interest in health & fitness at an early age.  After completing her masters at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver , Sara implemented the Nutrition Department at Pura Vida Fitness & Spa in 2009 to compliment her personal training career.

Continuing education has led her to specialize in functional blood chemistry, thyroid health, diabetes, women’s health, pre-natal nutrition, food allergies, GI health, endurance training, strength training for athletes, strength training for rehabilitation, and so much more.   As a personal trainer, Sara works with all client levels and goals; male, female, young, old, rehabilitation, pre/post natal, weight loss, sport specific, and enjoys utilizing functional training modalities.

Her study of nutrition and work as a personal trainer over the last 10 years has been an exploration and ever-changing journey.

She discovered firsthand, both personally and through her clients, the undeniable power fitness and food can have on our bodies.  Sara has been able to heal and manage her own hypothyroidism, weight fluctuations, stress, food allergies, and the overwhelming and rewarding task of being a mother of two with appropriate diet and exercise.   Making a positive impact on hundreds of clients, as she helps motivate and navigate the many individualized roads to wellness.

Sara’s practice helps individuals implement behavioral changes, gain strength and lose weight,  and gain knowledge and empowerment around YOUR nutrition and fitness. Her personal experiences have allowed her to connect with her clients on a compassionate level, knowing that everyone is different and everyone needs to find their own sense of accomplishment and strength by first feeling good about themselves.

Sara is available to meet you wherever you are in your health and fitness goals to help you thrive in a better, stronger, happier, more rested, you!


Kristian Blew

Kristian Blew - leading physical therapist and muscle activation techniqueKristian Blew is one of Colorado’s leading Physical Therapists and Muscle Activation Technique Specialists. He has had the privilege of helping individuals of all ages and abilities. From young aspiring athletes to sedentary office workers, he has helped improve their quality of life through improved performance, decreased pain, or increased stability and mobility.

Kristian graduated from Colorado College in 1999 with a degree in Biology as well as being a swimmer and water polo player throughout his four years. Before pursuing his MAT certification in 2004, Kristian taught the Junior Development Ski Team in Vail, Colorado and completed the Secondary Education Program at the University of Denver. He then pursued his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2007 from Regis University and travelled with the US Ski and Snowboard Team as a rehab and performance specialist. Following his graduate education Kristian opened Highline Physical Therapy and Muscle Activation Techniques of Cherry Creek before joining MAT founder Greg Roskopf at the MAT Global Headquarters in Centennial Colorado in 2013. Here he assisted with teaching all levels of the MAT process including the highest certified designation, MATRx. His interest in improving biomechanics and neuromuscular performance has led him to attend many courses including Lower Body Masters, Upper Body Masters, Trunk and Spine Masters, with a specialized certification in Foot and Ankle Mechanics.

Kristian currently competes in ultrarunning events throughout the country and Canada, and has competed in numerous endeavors including traditional triathlons, Xterra series triathlons, open water long distance swimming, and 24 hour mountain bike races. When not training for his next competition he can be found camping with his family, attending his prized chickens, or any of the wonderful things Colorado has to offer.