Vitale Studio | Alex Gil | Testimonial“Alex forces me to think about a holistic approach to my fitness, strength and flexibility, drawing my focus to form, breathing and the other details that escape my awareness. When I started working with Alex, I wanted to be stronger and thinner. I’ve accomplished both of those goals and in the years that I have continued to work with Alex, I’ve been stretched to achieve much more.

My fitness is at an all-time high, even though I’m approaching my 50th birthday. I’ve run the Leadville 100, and weigh less than when I got married 20 years ago. I understand core strength, balance and flexibility as important parts of my fitness and have a way to work on them that helps me perform better in the sports I enjoy while staying injury free. One clear difference is my annual guy ski trip.

When I started working with Alex, I would focus on ski fitness and leg strength through the fall to be ready to ski a big week in January. I would be better prepared every year. I worried about serious fatigue in my quads, and pain in my lower back. These used to set in after a day or two of hard skiing.

Now, the fatigue comes late in the week, if at all, and I haven’t experienced back pain on the trip in several years. I’m simply stronger and more fit than before, and I owe that to the work I’ve done with Alex. She works me hard, and often presents new exercises that aren’t about heavier weights, but about focus, form and an integration of whole body strength, balance and flexibility. I see the results, and feel the results every day.”

– David Moll – Boulder, CO

Erin PassAlex Gil has been a fantastic resource for me both personally and professionally. She is a life coach and a trainer.

I refer patients to her who are in transition from injury to wellness, as well as those who need help with corrective exercise and stabilization.

Many of us have blocks in our life that keep us from reaching our full potential. These have nothing to do with our physical health. Alex helps you figure out what is getting in the way and motivates to help you reach your goals.

Alex has taught me many things about myself. She has been a wonderful support and instrumental in helping me return to doing things I enjoy.

I highly recommend Alex Gil.

– Erin Pass, Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder, Inc.

HeatherAlex has made my life happy, healthy, and more stress free. Alex training has gone beyond lifting weights and stretching muscle. She constantly is asking questions about what do I want to get out of life. What are my goals? What are my dreams? First and foremost, she always asks what is getting in the way of those aspirations. 

We all know that in order to be healthy we must eat right, get sleep and exercise. But how many of us are able to do that. Alex has worked with me on every aspect of those three things. We have done food journals. We have discussed the good and the bad of different diets: vegan, paleo, vegetarian…  We have talked about reactions to different foods: dairy, beans, and nuts. We have worked on how to sleep.   Breathing exercises.  No eating before bed.  Quiet time no T.V. and most importantly not letting the dog sleep on the bed.  We have worked on how to make time to exercise. Beyond eating, sleeping and exercise, Alex works on mental health. Stress, anger, resentment, pain, suffering all are a detriment to our health.  Alex had helped me change my perspective.  She has shown how to changing negatives into  positives, how to create healthy boundaries, how to ask for what you need and how to let go of the thoughts that are poisoning.

Alex is an encyclopedia of training programs, a data base of nutritional information and a truly exceptional listener.  Her advice does not stop when your times up.  She gives you things to work on for your next session in manageable bite size pieces.  She sees what works and throws out what doesn’t.  She does not force you to give up things you like but helps you working on letting go of the bad.  Unlike other trainers who texted during your reps,  Alex is 100% present.
Alex has made my life happy, healthy, and more stress free.

– Heather

“Alex has helped me tremendously on my health journey.  There are often emotional and spiritual underpinnings to Chronic Disease, and Alex taught me how to address them so that I can harness the healing power within myself.  Alex has so much knowledge to share, and if you are open to receiving her wisdom, you will become more in touch with yourself and your ability to heal.  Not only is Alex a great coach, she also represents health and wellness and is thus a wonderful role model.” – K.H. – Boulder

Mike Duckworth Testimonial | Vitale Studio | Alex Gil“If you’re looking for someone to help you make positive life changes, look no further than Alex. With fierce kindness and love, she will help you choose to get your butt off the couch, exercise smartly, cook healthy meals, and be mindful of healthy choices for both mind and body. Working with Alex is one of the best decisions I made in my life.”

– Mike Duckworth