Transform Anxiety Into Excitement – Free Webinar

Our minds are powerful tools that grant us the invaluable creative, analytical and cognitive capacities that we rely on every day. However, when left untamed, the same minds can diminish our quality of life as it focuses on past events, unresolved trauma, and develops patterns of anxiety and fear.

On August 1st, I am co-hosting a free webinar where I will show you how to effectively manage anxiety in your day-to-day life. We will explore the root causes of anxiety and the science behind why our minds become ineffective during overwhelming situations.

Alongside Celeste Labadie, a visionary therapist and holistic wellness counselor, I will provide valuable insights and teach you practical tools to better manage anxiety in your daily life and transform the way you approach life’s challenges.

When: Wednesday, August 1st – 9:30 am MST

Where: The comfort of your own home or office

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