Intense times…need for shifting has been accelerated, inner struggles have been amplified.

I talk to clients who are doing great, they are using the time for clarity, to get centered, to serve, to grow, to design their lives…to get better.

Other clients are struggling. They are overwhelmed, they are stressed out. They were overwhelmed and anxious before this “C-19” thing, so it all got amplified.

They need compassion, not just from me, they need to be compassionate with the self. They need to be ok when things don’t get done. Ok if they can’t do the work out bc of fatigue, ok if they don’t make a perfect meal for the kids, be ok with their need to sleep more, be ok with what is right now. Be ok working less…doing less.

High achievers have a shadow, many feel that no matter what they do they are not doing enough, successful enough, rich enough, fit enough, GOOD enough.

I know. I feel that way sometimes, used to be worse. I used to feel no matter what I did, I was never successful enough.

My message to the high achievers out there is that your best high achievement, high performance tool right now is STILLNESS. Sit in silence. Do nothing. Take a hot bath. Stop pushing, stop grasping for perfection, stop hustling, stop working so hard.

Times are asking you to slow down bc slow gets you far. Fast gets you burned out.

Life is asking you to stop and connect with your heart versus with your “to do” list that keeps you busy, distracted from your dreams, from LOVE.

As Stephen Covey says, take a break to sharpen the saw. This is that time. For some it means to learn a new skill. For others it means learning to slow down, to pause and honestly I believe this is the skill that most need to learn.

I think this is the Skill that we all need to master.
Stillness with purpose.

Intense times. These were my thoughts today.

What are yours?

Much love, Alex.

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