I heard the voice of Spirit months ago saying ” stay out of the fist fight, your job is to hold space for the collective and let all unfold…focus on the evolution, on what is possible to humanity and love everyone.”

I obey that inner voice and I must say it is not always easy, specially when I see people trying to take our freedom away.

But that is a lie. No one can take my freedom away.

As Viktor Franks stated:

“Everything can be taken away form a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose ones’ attitude in nay given set of circumstances, to choose ones’s own away.”

That is our freedom of mind, our spiritual freedom, no one can take it away. I used to rely on fights, anger, confrontation, entitlement as a form of power. That was not power, that was actually weakness, insecurity. That was my shadow.

True power, I am learning every day is through Surrender, Stillness and Sovereignty. C-19 has taught me so much. I heard from great teachers that this thing came to our planet to teach us love. I get it.

It helped many of us to get clarity in life, clarity about who we want to be, what we want to do and no longer do and no longer be. This process is not easy. Transformation is tough and messy at times. It involves love, courage and tremendous trust and surrender.

Think of the butterfly. The process for the caterpillar to become a butterfly is messy, probably even painful. I say tough only because we attach to the old, we fear the new, we fear possibilities, we fear dreaming, we fear hope, we fear disappointment.

We must let go this fear. We need to do better and be fearless, courageous like never before. We must let go the old. It has not been working. Look at the world…we still have hunger, pollution, destruction and greed. And there is not need, we have the technology, the money, the intelligence that can solve all these problems.

We need crisis to change? We got one, we have been in crisis for years, decades, hundreds of years…maybe 2000 years!

Crisis in Japanese means danger and opportunity. This 19 thing has been an opportunity for us to develop more compassion, forgiveness and love. The language of the Heart. I believe as we deepen our spirituality that we actually get wiser, much wiser and see the need for changes before the need for any drama.

We learn how to listen to our inner voice, our intuition and act on it. I will not fight opposing beliefs, I will simply stand to what I believe, my body, my heart and the Great Spirit.

I follow what is right for me, that is freedom. I will accept 100% what is right for you and together we can walk and create a new world, because we both want it. Today I know that anger is a form of fear.

The more I dissolve my fear, the more free I become and this is a inside job. It has nothing to do with external agencies or agendas. When I started experiencing this freedom, fear tried to sabotage.

We fear true freedom.The moment I believe that your choice affects my freedom, I give out my power. So please be free. Be you. Do you. My freedom liberates yours and vice versa.

The conversation needs to shift, there is something so much bigger for us to focus on…humanity, our planet – the consciousness we are carrying, choosing. So yes, I could focus on the fist fight and get bloody and increase the drama, or I can choose a different vantage point , work behind the scenes and have a much deeper impact on our planet.

I have always had a super hero complex, and I finally understand that being a hero is not to fight, it is to stand in our power and have faith, have a crazy Faith where doubt and fear don’t belong.

Being a hero is to live in our hearts and let the heart rule the mind. Being a hero is being a mystic and a warrior, balance the forces of the feminine and masculine, the being and the doing.

Balance keeps us steady, centered and clear. And in that state, nothing can take us down, nothing can break us. Events will shake me, not break me.

The calling is here….It is time Heart warriors, Light workers and Wayshowers. We are working together to shift consciousness and we need more of you.

Join the movement, the movement for our Planet, for our Mother. For Us. If you need support on how to do this work, message me. I am here to show the way.

Love, Alex.

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