Heart is the topic in my mind, not the pump that we improve its health by doing aerobic exercise and eating healthy foods. I am speaking here about ONE of the most powerful sources of joy, love and peace, our Heart – with capital H. Read the blog, or watch my video about this topic.

I must confess I disconnected from my heart for a while, as I shared with you on past blogs. For some reason, I stopped listening to my heart and started listening to my ego mind, the small self that we all have. That mind that speaks to us from the place that we are not good enough.

Here are few signs that you are disconnected from the heart:

  • Chronic dissatisfaction
  • Lack of joy
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Never enough

When caught myself in that state I addressed it by seeking help, someone who could see my blind spots. This great friend said to me that I needed to open myself more, let people see “me”. He was right. Ever since I had other moments of disconnection and with awareness, stillness and surrender, I got back in there. That is how you can get back to your true self, knowledge that you are not centered and that you need to connect with your Heart, your deepest place of wisdom and intuition.

I have found that the Heart needs daily practices in order to be at its best – emotionally FIT. We need to cultivate qualities that the Heart thrives on and gives us the sense of connection and wholeness.

These 3 qualities are:

  • Openness
  • Softness
  • Strength

How do we practice that? It sounds esoteric and abstract, you might say. Here is how:

1 – Openness happens my being Courageous. Every time you are yourself, you show love, care or step into the unknown, you are courageous, you are opening your heart.

2- Softness happens by being Compassionate. Every time you can sit with your own pain or the pain of another with compassion, you are practicing softness.

3 – Strength comes from Clarity, being clear about who you are, your wants and desires and your values lead to strength, inner strength.

So here is the formula for a great connected Heart – be courageous, show up in compassion and get clear.

Peace and Love, Alex.

(Video link here. )

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