• Do you exercise and still carry that belly fat that you hate? 
  • Have you tried many diets and realized they don’t work? 
  • Have you gotten to a point that you just blame your genetics? 

Pleas take 3 minutes to read this blog, you will gain clarity about the mysteries of weight “loss”. 

Before I became a lifestyle coach, I was a personal trainer for 20 years and I can’t tell you how many clients I had that came to me with the goal of losing weight and we failed to achieve that goal. That is because as a trainer  my skills were limited to prescribing exercises routines and a healthy nutrition plan. Back in the days we all thought that it was enough. If that was the case, many more people would be fit and lean. 

By now, many women who struggle with unwanted fat know there is another component  – hormones. So they go to a holistic doctor, spend tons of money doing lab tests, buying 10 plus bottles of supplements and think “ I got this”. Months go by and the weight is still lingering around the belly and thighs. I hear your voice of frustration. 

So what that heck is going on? 

First I want to say that understanding your hormones through functional medicine is always a good idea, if your chemistry is not working for you, that must be addressed for sure. 

But there is a whole other side of weight loss that most people are not addressing and therefore they are not getting results – your mindset, your emotional state and your beliefs . 

Here are the 3 reasons you still might be overweight even after exercise, diet and a supplement regime: 

 #1 –  You Thoughts 

You might tell everyone all day long that you want to be lean and have a sexier body. You can write affirmations all day long about how fit you are. But, unless you change your inner chat with your body and that chat becomes self love and acceptance, you will struggle and get mediocre results. 

Your thoughts must be aligned with the vision you have for yourself.

#2 – Your Emotions 

Ok, let’s say you mastered your thoughts. You tell yourself all day long “ I am fit, I am lean, I am sexy, I love my body…” That is not enough, sorry to tell you, it is a good start though. Next you must FEEL. The heart is the connector between our minds and our bodies, that is where emotion lives, in our body. To get the results you want, you need to genuinely feel those thoughts in your body. This takes skill and practice. 

Your emotions are the language that will speak to every cell in your body. 

#3 – Your Belief 

Do you deeply belief you can be fit, lean, sexy? Until you say YES 100%, you will struggle. Many will say “I believe once I see it”. You must reverse that, “I see it therefore I believe it.” 

Your imagination can lead your entire body/mind to believe and feel like you are on the body that you always wanted. 

All these sound complicated? It is not. I have mastered these concepts after 7+ years of studying how our minds work and how every thought can create a belief that affects every system in our bodies. The same systems that are in charge of burning fat!

It is time for you to address these 3 limiting factors in your weight plan? That is what I will be teaching in my first group coaching program for Weight Release. Want to be part of this group? 

Reply to this email right now. I am taking only 8 women for this program. 

Love and peace, Alex. 

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