A doctor, a survivor and a healer.

I have a treat for you! How would you like to hear from one of the top experts in the world about stress and the power we have to heal? 

She is a doctor, a survivor and a healer. 

Dr. Jill Carnahan is a well know expert in functional medicine, a modality of medicine that treats the root of disease, not just symptoms. She is a holistic medicine doctor, which in my opinion is the only medicine that can treat chronic disease. 

Dr. Jill is a high achiever who travels around the world teaching other doctors, she has a full practice in Louisville – CO, she is  a survivor from a very aggressive breast cancer she got when she was in medicine school at age 25. In a group of 12 women with the same type of cancer, she was the only one to survive. 

6 months after cancer treatment, she was diagnosed with Chron’s disease, an auto immune disease that attacks the lining of the gut. After many doctors saying she needed numerous surgeries, she decided to heal the disease on her own. With holistic practices, impeccable nutrition she cured herself. 

Take 25 minutes to see her, to listen to her in the video bellow. She shares tremendous wisdom. The interview blew me away, she went deep right away, which I love. 

Dr. Jill has a 5 years waiting list for new patients, so the fact that gave us 25 minutes of her time is a true gift. Watch the VIDEO, you will not regret. 

Here are some her wisdom nuggets: 

“I want to live awake”. 
“God’s timing is always perfect.”
“Learn the word NO.”

And much more…listen to her now! Her smile says at all. 

Love and peace, Alex. 

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