Do you ever wonder why you don’t experience the success you want?

Do you work so hard and still feel you are not successful?

Do you know what is blocking you?

My teacher – mentor Dr. Matt James says that we can’t be truly successful until we let go our baggage. What is baggage? It is any unresolved hurt, wound, pain from the past. It is trapped emotions that carry a negative charge in our bodies, like old sadness, anger, resentment, guilt and shame.

E-motion is Energy in motion, it does not go anywhere unless we release it and in order to release it, we need to name it and face it. It needs to move because energy can’t be still, if trapped it will create chaos from mood swings to disease, energy has form. Think of a bomb, that has compressed energy with the power to make a lot of damage. Unfortunately most people don’t deal with their pain, due the fear of experiencing all over again. Others say they are too busy to stop and pay attention. This is really sad for me because when I hear that, it is like hearing “I am too busy to be healthy and happy.”

“But I am really OK, I am good Alex”, I hear a lot. Is that our intellectual conscious mind talking? How do we know we have trapped emotions and baggage inside us? There are many ways to know, and that needs to be book. So for the purpose of a blog size, I will describe one way to know:

  • You get easily triggered and reactive.

Who has not lost the cool and calm? I have! Times I was totally calm, happy and someone would do or say something that put me in totally state of anger and defensiveness.

Events, words, attitudes that trigger us over and over are a clear sign that we are carrying baggage because those triggers are hitting an emotional memory inside us, our bodies react before the brain because that is coming form our subconscious mind and that is our body. It acts thousands of times faster that our brain. So here is the thing, our intellectual brain might say I am GOOD, I am resolved, but the body says I AM NOT. That is how you know.

Address that baggage so you can free yourself. Release the pain that is taking space inside you, space that can be taken by more joy, love, inspiration, enthusiasm and gratitude – the emotions that create success.

Peace and love, Alex.

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