I have totally caught myself spending too much time and times on Facebook and emails these last two weeks. I was sitting in my car this morning in the parking lot of my office checking emails and social media for the second time within the hour. Why? I know better. I know that I am wasting time and energy on low value tasks. This delaying of getting important things done is called PROCRASTINATION. Does it sound familiar?

Procrastination is not a discipline problem, it is not laziness, not a productivity issue. It is a STRESS issue, whatever we do to take a break from stress, that distracts us from getting the work done is procrastination.

Check my video below where I explain more about the emotions underneath procrastination and I give you 3 strategies to conquer this time and energy eater. And TIME and ENERGY are the most precious resources we need to protect.

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Conquer Procrastination

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