Interesting times right now with all the corona virus plus political climate, oil crisis, stock market down, global warming…so much.

I was thinking this morning about this virus craze as I was sipping my tea. As a natural optimist, I was looking at the bright side of this mess. The other side of the coin.

Nature has a way to restore balance itself and it is not pretty. It comes in the form of earthquakes, wind storms, tsunamis, forests fires, droughts, rain storms, blizzards, etc. When that happens we brace ourselves, we work together, we pay more attention to what matters, our priorities get rebalanced by default. We go back to what is the most essential for all of us – our own well being and the well being of others. We pray more, we meditate more, we help more, we take more deep breaths, we appreciate more we forget the “to do” lists, we become more HUMANS.

When an individual pushes too hard, day in and day out by working 12 hours a day with no breaks, no recovery, poor sleep, bad diet and no authentic social connections he or she will burn out. That is just pure physiology and psychology, it is survival . In others words, the body and the brain crash, for survival needs, to avoid death.

Pain is a teacher and it can whisper to us or it can scream until we hear it.

When we don’t hear it, life forces us to stop. We might catch a cold, a flu. We get head aches, body aches, back pain, auto immune diseases, skin disorders and even cancer.

Unfortuanetlly we live in a culture that most people need a crisis in order to change, and even after a crisis many refuse to change, to evolve and that is pure ignorance and denial.

We are individuals that together make part of the collective. My energy affects those around me, our collective energy affects our community, our cities, our country, our PLANET.

Energy here means our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state. Basically how we feel, that is the energy that gets into this field that connects us all. This is not esoteric, new age talk, this is quantum physics, it is science. We influence each other and our environment.

Let’s look at what is happening right now. People are being “forced” to slow down, to be home with families, to cook at home together, to rest more, to prioritize health, to breath more to decrease stress in the body so immune system can stay strong, we are helping each other to cope with this chaos.

We are being pushed to be human BEINGS, no human DOINGS.

Are we ready to truly learn? Learn that we always need to prioritize our health and our relationships. That we need to transform our stress, so our immune system is always ready to protect us from any virus, so we are strong, resourceful and always ready to handle challenges?

Are we ready to slow down, so we can be present with ourselves and others?

It is time to stop the bullshit. It is time to WAKE UP. To GROW UP, and be the best version of ourselves. That takes awareness and work.

It time for us to be pro-active, and truly care about our bodies and living in our hearts, because that is who we are. If we start living awake more, in our bodies, in our hearts and connect with another deeply, we will see dramatical decreases in anxiety, depression, flus, cancer and many other diseases. Because we will be happier and healthier.

Our bodies are nature, it functions like nature. It constant seeks balance. When we provide de fundamentals, our bodies self regulate.

  • Happiness – do what you love, open your heart, have fun, play. Live based on your highest values.
  • Diet – eat whole organic foods, a plant based diet mostly and a little high quality animal protein and healthy fats.
  • Quiet – sleep 8 hours, take breaks, invest time meditating, reflecting, reading. Have a spiritual practice.
  • Movement – move your body 30 minutes a day, lift heavy weights 2-3 times a week, take walks outside. Be in nature.

It is simple.

Let’s stop living a life based on pure achievement with no purpose. Having more, doing more. Let’s BE more and let’s stop glorifying BUSY.

Invest time breathing deeply, allowing yourself to feel, focusing on what you love and many “problems” that you believe you have will start dissolving. Let’s stop making life complicated because it is not. It is complicated only when we are not living the life we want, when we are not following our hearts and dreams.

I will leave you with one more reminder.

There was a nurse that spent a lot of time with dying people and their biggest regret was not having the courage to live the life they wanted, not going for that dream they had and not having spent more time with love ones.

Reflect on that.

Much love, stay healthy, stay calm and all this shall pass.


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