• Mental/Emotional Health as it Relates to the Gut

  • Gut Health 101

  • Roots of Chronic Fatigue Roots of Depression

With Jator Pierre

We will look at this from a bird’s eye view and learn how intricately woven our total environment is to our vitality and well being. How our mental/ emotional state influences our physiology and what do about it for ourselves and our clients.

April 8, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Vitalé Studio – 2232 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 8302


Jator Pierre of Water and Earth Holistic Life Coaching (WE HLC) has been in the practice of transforming lives since 1999. Using a vast toolbox of modalities to bring about lasting change in his clients his work primarily focuses on emotional trauma, auto-immune issues, digestive disorders, chronic stress, and chronic pain. He is passionate about seeing the bigger picture and how that trickles down to the underlying mechanisms which lead to pathology, disease, and symptoms. His purpose is to help people examine and understand not only how the body functions but how each physical symptom correlates to and are expressive of underlying mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns.

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