Remember times you went shopping and it was exhausting? I do, back in the days when I used to shop. Now I just buy, I am in and out of a store. I love it. Saves me energy.

Why am I protective with my Energy? Because it takes energy to change, to create and to grow and I would rather being active on those things than deplete my energy with mundane things. Plus energy management has a direct relationship with how we all handle stress. With depleted source of energy, we tend to react to stress versus respond. Watch my next video about energy and stress.

What gets on the way between us and the ability to make decisions easily?

– Perfectionism

– Self doubt and/or lack of confidence


– Not enough information/education

– Lack of clarity about your life’s goals and vision

Some decisions are bigger than others. Like opening a business, moving to another town,  break up wth a lover…the best strategy to use when big decisions need to be made is to get clear about your life’s vision and goals, and review your core values in all areas of your life: relationships, money, career, health and fitness.

To avoid the energy cost of making decisions all day long, create daily routines like exercise, eat health and connect with others part of your day. I call these habits NO-Negotaible habits. You don’t waste energy choosing yes or no, you just do it.

Learn more on my video:

Peace and love, Alex.

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