I want to ask you few questions.

– Is stress costing you money?

– Is stress robing your energy to exercise and feel healthier?

– Is stress affecting your relationships?

If you said yes to any of my questions, you are stressed out. My class is perfect for you.

There is a huge difference between having stress in our lives, and we all do, and being stressed out. That gap is so big that it separates happy – successful people from unhappy and less successful ones. Success in our culture has been defined for a long time as having money and status or power. This definition does not work, it does not make anyone happier or healthier. Just look around, open People magazine and see all the ultra wealthy celebrities getting drunk, being part of family scandals and living a very unhealthy lifestyle. These are not news to you, you see it every day.

My definition of success is a life full of energy, vibrant healthy and serving the world by expressing our true talents and gifts. When we show up 100% to life, to those we love, to our customers, clients and anyone we are achieving success.

Stress is a huge part of happiness and success. It is how we perceive stress that makes us thrive or just survive in life. The moment you become stressed out, you start carrying that stress with you. That means your thoughts become problem oriented, you feel loss of control, you get stuck, your energy gets depleted, you can’t think clear, you can’t get a full night of sleep, you eat bad foods and overtime, you stop exercising and if you don’t watch it, you get sick. That is the cycle of chronic stress. I teach all my clients how to recognize good stress and chronic stress.

I teach 3 core elements in my course on Stress:

 – Taking responsibility: we have complete control of our actions, thoughts and behaviors. 

 – Energy: it takes energy to change and to create, we must expand and protect our energy.

 – Core values: we need to know what they are, they give us boundaries and directions.  

I am teaching for the very first time the program  I teach to the workforce. It is a program that I guarantee if you apply the tools I share, your skills handling stress will increase. With that you will have much more energy to put towards what really matters, you will more productive, more focused and happier because you will get better results.

WHEN: November 4th  – 9 am to 3 pm.

WHERE: Vitalé Studio at 2232 Pearl St. Boulder, CO

COST: $325

Register in the next 48 hours and save $50. 

Bonuses if you register by October 8th:

– 45 minutes private session with me

– A free copy of my new book about Mental Fitness

– A 15% discount on coaching packages (good until December 31st, 2017)

Plus bring a friend and get a free Vitalé t-shirt.

Register by sending me an email with your full name at [email protected]

I would love to see you!

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