I tried to meditate this morning and as I was trying to focus on my box breathing, a flood of thoughts for this blog took over my mind.

So I finally paused my water fall sounds on my phone and sat to write.

I was predicting the judgement I will get from sharing a post on Facebook about this lockdown. And I realized that the ones posting opinions do not care about judgement. If we did, we would not put our voices out there.

So, save yourself energy and don’t judge because you are creating stress for you, not me. I really don’t care about your judgement. Now, before you judge me for not caring, hear me out.

I CARE about your insights, your concerns, your different views, your knowledge because I can learn from that. When I share an opinion is based on what I know, experts know and what I feel, and I could discover tomorrow that I am wrong. That is ok. I CARE about connecting with you and having an intelligent and mature conversation.

I made a decision to not focus on this virus thing anymore and at the same time I will use it as a reference here for judgement because it fits this subject matter.

I want the lockdown to end, with caution of course. You want the lockdown to be extended, you want everyone wearing masks.

We both CARE. This is the point I want to make here. We are more similar than you think.

For us who want the lockdonw to end, we get labeled as selfish, entitled, careless, un-ware, self-centered….the ones who want to stay home get labeled fearful, scared, conservative, over reactive. We are all entitled of our opinions and beliefs. You are right. I am also right.

We both CARE, we are simply focusing on different things and people.

The people who want to stay home, wear maks everywhere are concerned about the elders, the vulnerable population with chonic disease who can’t affore health wise getting Covid. They might suffer or even die. I get that, I truly do.

The ones who want to go back to “normal” and re-open are concerned about the millennials who are losing their jobs and taking medications for anxiety and depression. We are concerned about the children who are spending too much time indoors with social media or getting abused. The rates of domestic violence and suicide hot line have gone up.

People with other health conditions are scared to go to the hospital, and because of that they are dying or getting worse. If they go to the hospital, they need to be alone, in times that they need family, friends, support.

Businesses that people put years of savings, labor and love are closing. That has deep impact not just on their mental health and emotional stability, also on their family. Can they buy food? Take care of survival needs?

You get my point? We both care deeply. We are just choosing diferent people to focus on. That is all.

So next time, before judging, take 3 deep breaths and read what is in between the lines. That I am hurting like you, I am crying at times like you, and at times, I am scared, just like you.

You wear a mask, I love you. You don’t wear a mask, I love you too.


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