Do you wake up at times confused, in a fog asking “Who Am I?”, “What Am I doing?”, “Do I still believe in this…?”

If YES, good, you are a seeker, you are curious and you are courageous.

Asking those questions and staying there with the question without distracting, running away is for the warrior, because not having an answer or even harder, hearing that answer that makes you go…

“Oh shit!” Now I need to do something about it. Like leaving a relationship, quitting a job, moving out of your city, country…

Change requires energy, a lot of energy and it can be hard.

And it is absolutely necessary for our happiness, health and evolution.

So you decided to make the changes, you feel energized, strong, free! Then, at the quiet nights, when you feel bored, lonely or like something is missing you will touch the darkness in you.

That darkness sounds like this:

“Who are you now without that person? Who are you without that title? What are you without that attention? Who are you without your stress and anxiety?”

You are in the area of the unknown. Good, stay there.

Another level of courage is required at this stage of change. The courage to sit with that void, to sit with that darkness and hear what IT has to teach you.

It may teach you about your shadow, the parts of you that you don’t want to see, admit. Parts of you that you try hard to hide because you feel embarrassed or it brings you pain from the past. And if you are someone who feels that you have experienced enough pain in your life and you avoid pain, that process will trigger an alarm that says: RUN! FIGHT FLEE!

And when you do just that, the shadow gets suppressed and stronger. It will be manifested in the form of a well known and avoided emotion by many of us – ANGER.

Anger is a smart emotion, because it is avoided, it shape shifts into projection, reaction and harsh judgment. Or we believe “others” do that, not us. That is the voice that empowers the shadow.

We are living that right now, during elections, Covid, racism…you name it.

The collective shadow is strong and dangerous.

So what can you do?

Know your own shadow, dissolve your darkness by bringing the light. The darkness can not exist in the presence of the light.

What is the light?

SELF – Love, acceptance and compassion.

Self because you must learn how to embody those emotions yourself, so you can connect with your Heart, elevate your frequency, your energy and with that you will help to liberate others from their own darkness.

Sounds intense and it is, I am not going to sugar coat here for you. Working with our shadow means we will touch the center of our guilt, remorse and even shame. And those emotions, if not wrapped with some self-compassion and humility and guidance from a professional, we can spiral into deep suffering, despair, discomfort.

The discomfort I have experienced recently felt like wanting to break from my own skin, like shedding old skin, old personalities. That is the death of our old stories, death of limited beliefs, death of structures of our Ego. It feels uncomfortable and you need tools to handle that.

You need a guide, teacher to support. You need to ground yourself with meditation, nature or even exercise. And you need to do that hardest thing – you need to surrender to the process.

The pain that can feel like a deep burn, an inner conflict is the ego trying to hold on the old, while your higher self wants to grow and evolve. And that involves giving up our persona, our mask.

Do you have the courage to let go that mask, to see what is under? To see what is the truth of your heart?

I am here today visiting with you to invite you, to influence you to do this work, because you must.

You must because I need you, your loving ones need you, our Planet needs you. Our Planet and our humanity are in trouble, we need major healing and radical evolution.

This evolution starts inside you, by you befriending your own shadow, bringing love and compassion, letting go baggage which are old stories, negative emotions from the past. You must let go, you must take the deep journey to the Heart. That is the most important self work.

The rewards from taking this journey are incredible. It is not instant and at the same time, when you are ready, the shift happens faster that you think.

You experience a tremendous amount of energy, creativity, joy and freedom. You start living in your Heart, where authentic intelligence is.

So walk into the woods, with you darkness because you will find many treasures there. You are brave, you got this.

Alex Gil.

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