Do you ever tell yourself: 

“I know I can do better, but how? I know I have more in me, more potential, but how can I make more money, achieve more without losing my health, time with family, fitness? I want to do more and I am so tired.” 

These days we talk so much about productivity and more achievement. Don’t get me wrong, I love both. But we can be overtaken by the shadow of overdrive and overachievement and lose ourselves in the process, or lose the meaning of why we do what we do in the first place. 

This overdrive to achieve can create dissatisfaction and the feeling of not being fulfilled.  

What we all want is to be effective in our productivity, meaning doing less and better. We must train ourselves to focus on what really counts and matters.

Losing that focus is easy though. We all get out of alignment with our vision and values once in a while, and with that, our focus gets weak and our results plummet. And the worse, we start depleting energy. We deplete energy from all our sources: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. I will explain: 

Emotional  – we start feeling guilty that we are not focused on what really matters 

Mental  – we distract ourselves to find relief from stress 

Physical  – we start working more because we don’t have the results we want 

Spiritual – we are deviating from our purpose or vision, from our WHY. 

How often you review your vision and values? I ask you this question because this simple strategy, to review your vision, goals, and values once a week boosts your energy and strengthen your focus back. We are talking about 5-10 minutes a week!! 

Try it, don’t take my word for it. At this era of so many distractions and easy overwhelm, we get pushed so easily towards more “to do lists” and less towards progress. Taking the time to think about our purpose, vision and values is a must if you want to progress and work at your full potential and capacity.

Get back in track, amplify your energy and have fun in the process!

Peace and love, Alex.


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