How many times have we all heard the question: And…what is the Plan B?

I will say “F*#!” plan B. There is no safety net, there is no cushion for you to fall with someone waiting to save you.

There is not a huge trust fund in case you fail…

There is something much better and safer for you to fall to: YOURSELF and not to get woo woo here, there is this immense Force in the Universe that is alway supporting us. So we are never alone.

I coach many achievers who no matter how much they accomplish, how much money they make, they still feel insecure and anxious, constantly seeking for that next thing that will give them safety and security.

And they never find it…

Our true safety and security lives in our hearts and in our mind. They are our skills, our experiences, our talents, our ability to learn as we need and as necessity calls, our strength, our courage and sometimes our loving ones who believe in us. Our deep knowing that no matter what, we will be OK.

That is safety and security.

What does this have to do with plan B?

Everything. Many people are not living their dream life by choosing a career they love, and that inspires them. They are waiting for that perfect plan, the perfect time, the right amount of money, they need to have a plan B in case plan A fails.

What if you just DECIDE that plan A will work! That you will do what it takes to make plan A succeed.

What if you give it all? You align your mental, spiritual and emotional state with your vision and values, you get clear, you take actions every day.

There is no going back. How does that feel? Scary? I know! Of course it does, if you goal is not big enough that brings you a certain amount of fear, then it is just a project, an item on your “to do” list.

I love the analogy of boats and an island. What if you get to the island and you burn the boats? You can’t leave, you will make life work at the island.

Burn your boats.

I am not telling you “be reckless”. NO!

Our goals need to be ecological and responsible. They need to benefit you, your family-community and the planet. It is a “win, win, win”, as Kyle Cease – author and transformational coach says.

Give 100% of your energy, attention and love to what you want to create…

Because the world needs more love, abundance and creation, and less fear, anxiety and scarcity. The world needs you to show up in your Genius!

There is no plan B. So what is your Plan A?

Much love, Alex.

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