How is your year so far? Creating a great year takes vision, planning, drive, love, discipline, determination and courage. If you are stepping into your excellence like starting a new business, working on your personal growth, healing emotional stress, dissolving or starting a relationship or doing something that you always wanted, I guarantee you that right after the excitement of starting your journey, FEAR will visit you. Knowing that well myself, I want to share some wisdom here with you to prepare you for the times that fear decides to stay for a while.

I have been challenged from the beginning of the year which is normal; I set my goals, I did my planning and set GO! The Universe right away showed me, oh no, slow down, you are going to fast. So what made slow down? The loud voice of fear. I caught myself in meditation thinking about how maybe I can’t create my next big goals. That maybe I am not capable. That was my voice of self doubt, the voice of my ego that wants me to stay small. That voice that shows up to test us, to see if we will abort the plan, quit walking the path of our dreams. Since I am a coach and work on my own personal growth every single day, plus I breathe, eat, drink, devour all the books and podcasts about fear, I knew what to do. I dug into my tool box and pulled the Self-Inquiry tool. It goes like this: Oh, ok, so your belief which is creating this emotion of insecurity is that you can’t create your dream. So that means you are saying to yourself that there is something wrong with you, is that true? My answer was that there is nothing wrong with me, that I have everything I need to create the life I want. (all my inner dialogue)

That short self dialogue immediately took the intensity away from the big fear that was generating self doubt, insecurity and paralysis. We tell ourselves stories that are not true, all the time if you are not careful. The mind can work for us or against us, so be aware of your words and thoughts.

I am sharing this with you because I know you deal with fear all the time, maybe every day. The only way to deal with fear is not to fear fear itself. You must look at fear head on, talk to it, understand it. That is the only way to dissolve it. Fear will never disappear, you have to live it. But, the good news is that you have the perfect weapons to defeat fear. You have the love for yourself and your dream/goals, you have courage, you have support, you have your powerful minds that can work for you if you learn how to use it. You can be a warrior of fear.

You don’t believe me? Talk to someone you know who is successful, a millionaire, or a CEO, someone you respect and admire. Ask them about fear. They will tell you that they face fear every day with major decisions, but they don’t listen to it, they don’t let fear stop them. They use fear to guide them when needed.

Use fear as a STOP for a minute sign, look everywhere, is there a reason to be fearful? Is the fear coming from a gut intuition that you should reconsider your decision? Or is the fear coming from your ego? Ask yourself and you will always know the difference. Befriend fear, the more comfortable you get with fear, the more courageous you will become.

Peace and love, Alex.

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