The purpose of most people – to find happiness.

The “goal” many have in life is to find Happiness and yet, most people don’t know or learn what it takes to create happiness. Or they think they know. They attach happiness to having a big house, a six figures salary, a perfect mate to marry, a skinny body…and so on.

“I will be happy when _____”. This formula is wrong, it is a flawed system. It would be like someone who goes to the gym and eat healthy  say ” I will be healthy when I lose 30 lbs”. No, this person is already healthy even though there is room to create more vibrant health.

Happiness is a life style. Happiness is a combination of daily habits. Happiness is directly related to how we think, how we act and how we feel about ourselves.  To be healthy we need to eat whole foods , exercise daily, sleep and spend time connecting with other people. Everything in life has a system, like getting rich and/or getting healthy. Happiness also has a system and it is not hard science. Happiness starts with a decision and a commitment to live in state of joy no matter what. Happiness is a choice. That does not mean we don’t feel – we get sad, we get hurt. However when joy is our state of being- meaning we become neurologically and chemically programed to be happy, we can handle challenges in life with more grace, courage and strength.

“Happiness can not be chased, it comes to you when you elevate your emotions to a state that is beyond space, time and circumstances.”

Learn about  the Habits of Happiness on my brand new work shop:

 December 6th, 6 – 7:30 pm at Vitalé Studio.

I will explore psychology – how our thoughts create either happiness or unhappiness. We will talk  a a bit about quantum field – the energy our emotions hold. And we will talk about simple strategies you can apply today to create and sustain a state of happiness.

“Happiness is a catalyst for success.”

Register for the work shop by email: [email protected]

$10 fee. Healthy light snacks and drinks will be served.

Only 10 more seats available! Email me now.

I hope to see you.

Peace and joy, Alex.



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