Hacking Happiness 

I am super excited to finally give “birth” to a program I have created for the workforce  – Hacking Happiness.  I have worked on this curriculum for 5 solid years. Wow! It has taken more than 100 books read, courses in Holistic Lifestyle, few seminars in human potential and performance, interviews with business leaders and many one on one coaching sessions with my clients.

What is Hacking Happiness? 

Hacking Happiness is about challenging  the concepts of happiness that most people have about work. Even though the terminology used on this program was developed specifically for the workforce, the truth is it is a Life language. We can not separate work from “life”, because work is a huge part of who we are and a huge contributor to our happiness. We are wired to serve, to show our gifts to the world and make massive contributions. Happiness at work is not about a fat paycheck, even though it is nice to be valued and paid for it, it is not about the status or the titles. After years of research, I have found that happiness at work is about purpose, performance and connections. This particular time we are living right now, a big part of the workforce is made by millennials and they get a bad rep because they want more than just a paycheck. That is a topic for another blog. For the purpose of this blog I will say that this generation searches for meaning and happiness more than previous ones. They want to feel connected with a cause, with a purpose and they have a big urge to make difference, to contribute.

We also know that this generation did not learn some of the fundamental life skills like many of us inner 40’s did. Most of us had to start working at 14-15 y. We did not have choices, our parents said “get a job”, star making your own money. I did not have the privilege of a gap year or life coaches or mentors. I had to learn on the go, like many of you. When I came to USA in 1996 I almost had to give up my dream to live here because I could not find a job that would hire a person who could barely speak English. One week before I had to decide to go back, I got a job a Pizza Hut in La Jolla, CA. I was thrilled, excited!! Imagine today, would any kid get excited about that? I got excited because of the meaning of that – I could stay in USA. My Mom had told me once again, “get a job”, make money otherwise you have to come back home. Stress creates success.

This program will teach work warriors to get clear about their purpose, show up at their best, manage energy, become friends with stress and sustain performance  at high levels while maintaining vibrant health, energy and happiness.

What inspired me to create this program?

I fell in love with the concept of managing our energy and stress. Once I learned how we can manipulate these two major aspects of well being,  applied to my own life and saw the difference it made I thought,  I have to share this with the world.  I am obsessed with the studies of why some people thrive on stress while others get destroyed. This is pure psychology and physiology which includes health, fitness,  behavior and mindset. Basically all the pillars of human potential. I am a true geek when it comes to human potential. I devour books, articles and can discuss these topics forever.

Happiness is a choice. Happiness does not just happen. It takes deep self knowledge and a tremendous desire to create joy every day. It is simple, but not easy because if involves work, discipline and commitment to happiness.

Peace and love, Alex.

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