Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

What is Holistic Lifestyle Coaching?

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) is grounded in the philosophy that your overall wellbeing is a unique combination of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health. Unlike traditional fitness regimens, which typically address only the physical aspects of your health, HLC is “holistic”—it’s designed to help you bring all areas of your life into beautiful balance.The word “lifestyle” means that you’re making an ongoing commitment to positive change; you’ve decided to act with more authenticity and accountability in your daily life, even when these actions are small and subtle. And the word “coaching” means you’ll have a compassionate, supportive partner along the way.

Your HLC Program Will Teach You:

  • How to increase your energy levels
  • How to exercise smarter, not necessarily harder
  • How to change your body composition
  • The underlying causes of stress and disease
  • Breathing techniques to calm your mind/body
  • How to increase mental focus and acuity
  • How to identify and avoid food sensitivities
  • Strategies to achieve balance in your life
  • How to decode what your body is telling you

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