What would you do with more time and energy in your life? Would you work out and be healthier? Spend more time with loving ones? Play more? Be more productive and efficient at work? Make more money? Be happier?

The truth is with time and energy, we can create anything we want.

Time and Energy are the two most important resources in our lives. Because both are major reasons for stress for most people in America – “I don’t have time!” or ” I am exhausted! I became obsessed with both subjects.

The intriguing thing about time is that “time management” has nothing to do with time really, time is fixed. We all have 168 hours a week. We work about 40-50 hours a week, we sleep about 56 hours (ideally) a week. We have left 67 hours to do what we want – play, exercise, write, chill, meditate, socialize with friends and family, take care of the kids, learn, read….

67 hours! Think about this number. What are you doing? What are you choosing to do with that free time?

Time management is about values and clarity. That gives us the direction we need in order to create balance between stress and recovery, energy out and energy in. Values and clarity guide to make decisions, when to say YES, and when to say a big NO.

Being in the mindset of time scarcity is eating up your energy, it creates anxiety and overwhelm, plus it robs your present moment, which leads to more stress and unhappiness.

Stop. Pause. Asses. Think about what matters, what would you do if you became more conscious about how you spend your time?

Become more present, develop habits to keep your energy up, from your thoughts to taking a 5 minutes renewal break every 90 minutes and you will be healthier and have more fun.

Peace and love, Alex.

P.S.: Do you have a company, a business or lead a team? Hire me to speak at your company, so I can help your team to expand capacity, creativity and joy by learning “How to create more Time and generate more Energy.”

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