We say ” live in the present moment”.

I am and this moment feels intense, it feels filled with so much uncertainty…fear can take over me, easily if I allow it.

I don’t shut the door on the face of fear. I need to welcome fear and see what it has to tell me, teach me…

So we visit for few minutes…and I ask my resilience, my faith, my love, my strength ” How can I face the fear, how can I show up in courage? Which is not the opposite of fear, courage is the muscle we need to overcome the fear. The quality that helps us not to give up, to not get paralyzed and not to feed the fear.

After a few minutes visiting with my fear, I command my Focus to shift. I Take my thoughts from that place that is focusing on what I DON’T want to happen to what I WANT to happen and there I stay.

I focus on what I really want.

I sit for a while with that, and feel the feelings as if I already have that. And that opens my mind, my heart to ideas, insights and intuition. Clear actions come from that inner guidance and they feel effortless because they are driven by LOVE and not FEAR.

FOCUS is the name of this dance.

FEEL the Fear, learn from it and abandon it. Don’t entangle, don’t engage long because that will deplete your resources, will put you in fight or flight and make you anxious, overwhelmed.

Our Genius can’t live in that fear. Our Genius emerges from a place of gratitude, positivity, faith and love. And there, right in the center of that we generate the energy we need to keep going, to keep working on our mission, our purpose.

Motivation rises. Motivation is what we Do. Motivation does not come from feeling good, it comes from our passion and purpose and our values.

Nothing feels really good at this moment. And yet, energy is very present to go forward.

And that is all need right now. To keep going. To not give up.

I have my family, my friends, people who trust me.

So, all is well.

Thank you for listening. Much love, Alex.

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