Happy June friends!

Almost half of the year has gone. Some of us are excited about how much we have accomplished so far, some are on track of getting there and some might be very disappointed and frustrated about not having accomplished enough by now. The truth is I feel all three versions, depending on my state of mind. I am always making progress,  but my mind, depending where my attention is going, can look at things as stagnated, like nothing is happening. In that state, a monster gets bigger – his name is FEAR.

Fear is underneath any stress. If you say “I am stressed out”, what are you really saying? These are the most common thoughts and emotions under that statement:
– I am embarrassed for not having a clear vision and goals at my age
– I am getting fat and feeling lethargic
– I am running out of money
– My partner might be leaving me
– Nobody here likes me

Do you ever feel or felt like that? I did, when I was 41 I felt embarrassed for not having an “X” amount of money in the bank and ashamed for not having clear career  goals. The deep fear that was behind all that was the fear of getting older and being broke and have no career aspirations. I broke down in tears with shame and fear 6 years ago. Have you ever experienced what I am talking about? What is that experience?

Is the wish that we had a different life. 
Depending on who you are meaning your personality, your mental fitness and your emotional imprint this thought can be terrifying. It can even lead to depression and anxiety. Or it can lead to very positive  life changes.
As a coach, a facilitator of transitions and changes for my clients, of course I believe that “the wish for a different  life” is a great catalyst to break current patterns, thoughts and behaviors in order to create the lifestyle you want. The only thing that can stand in between you and the life you want is FEAR and you. It is you because fear in within you, you are the creator of fear, you are the one that chooses to either feed it or starve it.Fear will never disappear and honestly you don’t want that. Fear protects us, fear saves our lives and even help us to make decisions to improve our lives. However, fear has polarities, like any force in this Universe. If fear is given a lot of power in the form of negative thoughts and distorted perception  it will overpower you and your desires to change. Fear can paralyze us and prevent us from making the changes we long for. Or fear can keep us over busy and distracted with tasks that don’t matter. Most of the time this fear is all illusion, it is false. Here is how this illusion might talk to you sometimes:- I am too old to start a business
– I am not smart enough to go back to school
– I am not wired to be rich
– I am too busy to have a relationship
– I have to work all the time to have a lot of money
– I can’t lose weight, it is geneticsIf most of our fears are illusions, how can we knowledge the thoughts that are not real? How can we overcome fear and cultivate more courage? Let me help you finding these answers with a fun and informative 75 minutes talk about Stress and Fear – how to put fear in the back seat.
Mark your calendars: JUNE 22nd
6 to 7:15 pm at Vitalé Studio

And get a bonus if you register by June 10th – one hour of Stress and Fear Strategies session.
Registration is easy, email me at [email protected] with the words I AM IN. 
Cost : $15
Healthy snacks, wine and beer will be served.
Space is limited to 15 people. Save your seat now!
Peace and love, Alex.

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