Meet me in the valley.

Meet me in the space in between two opposing ideas, beliefs.

Meet in the place where we connect with our hearts and spirit, which are independent of race, backgrounds, past doings, beliefs, values, health status and religions.

Meet me in the place of growth, where we can learn from each other. Meet me in the area where we can hold hands together and call for more love and light.

Meet me in the valley where there is no division. This is the space where we work together, we collaborate with each other’s growth and evolution.

This is the place where we serve Mother Earth, that we adore Life, that we revere this Planet.

I used to stand on the top of the mountain instead, looking down at others, judging, feeling better- higher than, entitled, righteous. The Ego loves the top.

I like the valley in between the mountains much better, where I still hold my beliefs, my convictions and yet, I refuse to impose that onto others.

Who Am I to do that?

Who Am I to tell you that if you don’t honor you health, your healing, your body, you should have your rights of life changed?

Who Am I to tell you that you need to choose what I choose, because I am right. Who Am I to tell you how to treat your life and your body?

It is time to meet in the valley friends. There is no winner in this psychological war. This war is a trauma response, it is a reaction.

When people react from trauma, there is no listening, no open minds, no open hearts, no growth mindset. This is what is happening right now.

It is easy to stand on the top of the mountain and shout at others, attack, shame…please stop.

Come to the valley and let’s commune and have compassion for each other.

Do the hard thing. Learn more humility. Learn more grace. Learn more vulnerability. Learn deeper listening. Learn more compassion. Heal past wounds and unresolved trauma. These events are triggering most people, this is why there is so much anger, rage, fear and hatred.

It is irrational. That is what happens when the brain is in survival and fear.

I can’t say I have mastered any of this qualities. Sometimes I need to sit for a whole hour, to quiet the noise and drop in the heart, that is the valley. Sometimes I get pulled up towards the war, and I pay the price. My life force diminishes, fear takes over me and my light dims. I feel disconnected. I feel alone. I feel defeated.

I prefer the valley, the heart’s place. The place when there is confusion, I simply quiet my mind and I get to hear the Great Spirit talking to me and all the confusion dissolves and peace, love, bliss rule back.

You want peace, I know. You want this war to end, I know. You want people to get along, I know. So I ask you….
In your words, your posts, your communications, are you speaking words of communion, unity, or words of separation, shame, division?

We have a choice every time we speak every time we communicate. Choose LOVE.

I choose the valley. It does not mean I am neutral. I stand for what I believe. What I believe is not selfish, it is sovereignty – many are confusing these two qualities.

I honor you, in any choice you make. I won’t honor you when you want to force your choice onto others. When you believe those who choose different should lose their rights, their jobs. How is that different than racism, how is that different than fanatic religion?

I heard “The ones who control the narrative, rule society”, sit with that.

The ones that control the narrative have an agenda, and it is for you to explore what that means.

This is just an invitation. Come down to the valley. It is Heaven on Earth.

Much love, Alex.

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