Happy New Year!! 

I hope your Holiday season has been filled with health, joy and love.

I have been gearing up for this new year for few weeks, I am excited 2019 is here. 

On my last 2 videos I shared with you my gratitude, blessings and lessons I learned last year. So if you missed last video, find it here. 

It is January 2nd, time when many of us are acting on our goals, intentions and plans. In other words, action time is now and that can be scary. 

Let’s face it, writing on our journals, talking about our intentions and dreams for the year is fun, it generates great conversations over dinner and a glass of wine. Then the work day comes in, for me, today, for many next week. That is when the fun, the joy can go away fast because we come to the office and it is very easy to go back to old patterns like focusing on negative thoughts, bad habits like procrastination and distractions that destroy our productivity and joy. 

I am sharing this with you because I am super aware how I also can become a victim of old patterns, procrastination and distractions. These old patterns can kick in at any second we are not aware because of FEAR. 

We fear that we can’t achieve our goals, we fear that what we will create will suck, we fear what others will say if we fail, we fear that we are not smart enough to succeed. I know all these fears very well, that is why I can coach people who embody these fears every day. It is common among ALL of us and it is not hard to make that voice of fear quiet. 

How to overcome your emotions of fear and have fun in the process of working on all the goals you wrote about? How to maintain the same excitement you had when you were planning your year? 

 This is the first strategy I will share with you this year  NON NEGOTIABLE!

To have a a different year, new results, achieve new goals, grow to the next level we need to become more, bigger that ourselves. Dr. Joe Dispenza says that we need to become bigger than our environment, time and our bodies in order to change. This sounds complex but I will make it simple for you. You simply need NOT TO LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS, when it is telling you to stay the same.  Feeling is a language the body uses to communicate with you and that voice most of the time is an echo of your past, not present. 

Example: you make a new year resolution to work out in the gym 3 times a week. Monday comes and you are too tired to get up at 5:30 am. Tuesday comes and you realize you need to work earlier, Wednesday is here and you say “ I just can’t fit working out in my busy life”. You listened to your feelings, the emotions stuck inside you from the past. The echo of your past saying that you can’t be successful if you make time for the gym, or that you will fail to lose weight anyway because you don’t have time to cook healthy foods, or you believe you need to sacrifice yourself in order to provide that lifestyle to yourself and your family. 

Whatever decision you make based on a believe you have, you will always have a story to confirm you are right. 

If working out 3 times a week is your goal because you know you need to lose weight, because your doctor said your stress level is too high, because you want to see your children getting married and play with the grandkids, or you simply love life and want to age well, with health and energy, whatever WHY you have, you need to take daily actions that will get you there, actions that are  NON NEGOTIABLE. When you make your actions  non negotiable you are not stopping to listen to your feelings and excuses, you don’t waste any energy debating with your mind.  You go! You move! You do it! You become bigger than your environment, your body and time. You change your mind, you do that enough and you change the way your neurons fire, you change your emotional state and you become a better version of yourself. That is how it happens. 

I have been using this technique with myself and my clients for a long time and the results are amazing. That is how in only 2-3 sessions my clients make quantum changes, that means fast and effective. 

Grab a piece of paper right now and write down your Non Negotiable list, the activities that you will do no matter what because you know your success, happiness and health depend on it. 

Go for it, lean in to your goals and dreams 100%, get your skin the game fully on! It is the only way. 

Much love, Alex.  

P.S.: Want to crush the year by crafting your Non Negotiable list?I have a great special rate right now for 3 sessions that will take you there.  Call me! 303.818-7955. 

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