When we don’t get the results we want, we tend to work harder, we believe that we are not doing enough, being good enough or we blame something for our poor results. I used to work harder when I was not getting the success I wanted. Sometimes that was the right thing, but most of the time it was not. I struggled in the first year of opening my business. Soon enough I realized that I needed help because what I was doing was not working. I was not getting clients fast enough, money was hard to come in. I was overwhelmed and at times I felt defeated.

So I hired a coach. She helped me to organize my goals, thoughts and develop strategies to be successful. That was super helpful, I got results right away. I spent $12.000 to work with her, money that I did not have. I could not afford her, but I realized if I did not hire her, the mental, emotional cost was too high. And honestly financially as well. When we move in circles and don’t get results, in the long term, that costs way more than hiring a coach. So I did it and in 6 months, using her strategies, I almost doubled that investment and paid myself back. No loss, only gain with interest. Then I hired another coach, he was $750 an hour! The hour was worthy. He helped me to change my emotional state and MINDSET – the secret of success. I was able to make monthly more than I ever made in my life. And that happened without adding hours to my day, without working harder. It happened my being focused, keeping my mindset in the right place and elevating my emotional state.

Work harder on yourself than on your job. Jim Rohn

These techniques I learned combined with my own coaching experiences have helped my own clients to increase their income by 25%. Plus their energy went up and their levels of happiness increased. That is a SUCCESS!

I am not a business coach. I am a Mindset coach. People ask me if I can help them to make more money. Once I have a short conversation with them, I realize their struggle with money is pure psychology. That is why I can help. It is very rare that someone does not make enough money because they are not working hard enough. It is the opposite, they are working so hard that they lost sight of what really matters. They are tired and overwhelmed, that is not being in a place to create success, that is a survival zone.

I am sharing this with you because I want to be transparent about my own challenges and why I work with coaches. Also I wan to get this message to you – Success is not about working harder, it is about working with purpose and focus every minute and being in the right emotional and mental state. That is what creates success and attracts great opportunities. When you are hustling all the time, you miss opportunities. Stop that cycle. Evaluate your vision and goals, asses where you are. Get help and stop wasting time and energy. My mantra is “Don’t waste a day.” ( I wasted plenty in the past)

80% of success is psychology and 20% is strategies. How is your mindset these days?

Peace and love, Alex.

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