The more I study psychology and the physiology of stress, which is directly related to energy and our health, the more obsessed I get about teaching my clients and my audiences about the power we have about influencing how we feel and how we experience life. The flip side of this knowledge and obsession is sadness, the sadness I experience at times when I see people living in their fixed mindsets believing that the way they are, the way they feel is the only way. The “way” because of circumstances, because of genetics, or because of mother or father was that way. That is a victim mentality, those are just excuses, or sometimes just lack of education. We are not our genetics.

Energy management is something that does not get talked about enough unless you are my client or my student in the workshops I teach. We talk plenty about managing money, time, stress, and all that is important. I love teaching stress management. Executives hire me to help them to get better at stress, or they hire me to teach their teams how to embrace stress and thrive on it. But before we talk about stress, we always talk about energy first.

Energy is a marker of 2 primary things:

  • Mood  – mental and emotional state
  • Health  – the physical body

If you experience low energy most of the time, your energy is telling you something – that you need to check your mind, the thoughts and beliefs you have and your health, what systems are not functioning at optimal levels and therefore you don’t generate enough energy. These two systems, your psychology, and your physiology speak to each other all day long. Our bodies communicate via chemical messengers like peptides, neurotransmitters, and hormones.

We are WIRED to FEEL GREAT. We have all the systems and mechanisms in our body/mind to feel good all day long. However we need to take care of these systems, they get tired, they get depleted and even sick if we go a long time using them up and not putting the time for healing, recovery and repair, which truly happens when we sleep and rest deeply.

You can’t sustain high performance, hold deep focus and engage at 100% capacity with others without proper recovery. 

Note the word  – SUSTAIN. We all can pull through a long day after few hours of sleep, however, I guarantee that something will suffer from that depletion of body and brain. The real issue is when you get used to that state of depletion, you get used to a certain state of fatigue that you don’t know what feeling great is like anymore. That mediocre level becomes your “normal”. You might only know if you start paying close attention or you get sick frequently or get a more serious illness.

Stress gets blamed a lot for being the culprit of causing or worsening diseases. But it is not accurate.

Stress is the most powerful stimulus for growthJim Loehr

Only CHRONIC STRESS or un-managed stress makes us sick. What really hurts us mentally, emotionally and physically is related to 2 elements:

  • Lack of proper recovery
  • Your response to stress

Stress itself won’t hurt you or make you miserable. Your perception, the focus and the meaning you put on that stressful situation are the factors that hurt you or help you thrive and evolve, depending on your response. And the less energy or resources you have, the less tolerance you will have with stress. In other words, it takes energy to get good at stress.

The final message is, if your life feels pretty stressful, start with an energy self-evaluation. How are you feeding your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy sources? That is where you start. You will see the world differently when you have resources,  you feel good, you become more patient and compassionate with people, you make the time for fitness and health, you spend more time with friends and family, you create more, you achieve more goals and the best part – you get Happier.

Much love, Alex.




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