How do you feel about your resolutions, intentions that you planned to do this year back in January or even the ones you planned month,  this week? 

Have you ever being to a seminar, or presentation with a motivational-transformation speaker and you got so fired up, you said to yourself – “this is it!” I am ready to make changes. took actions on the first 3-5 days. Then….you got busy, life happened and that plan got the the bottom of your “I should list” and you still feel guilt and shame around not doing what you committed to do. 

Or you are doing everything “right” and the results are low. 

Sounds familiar? I am there with you, I have been there many times and I know exactly why intention is way to set, actions… not so much.

I used to believe that it was all about…

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What area in your life you are struggling with?

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