What defines success? It all depends on each person’s values and beliefs. I can say accordingly to our culture in USA or other western countries success is defined my status and money. And honestly there is nothing wrong with that, it is just simply incomplete. When I say status I mean how far we have come in our careers. I like to be considered an expert in stress management and well being – that is a status. And I enjoy great life that money allows me to have. There is a major problem though – many people have status, money and they are sick and in chaos inside. They are not happy and fulfilled. When we don’t include in the definition of success other core principles of what is really important for us, we suffer.

Most of us are hard workers, goals centered and driven, we are high achievers and that makes this country a great place because of all the opportunities we have. Before technology life was simpler. If you left the office at 6 pm, work did not go home with you, maybe it did mentally and emotionally and that can be major stress, but for the most part, people were able to be with family and watch TV together, eat together and engage with each other or with friends and neighbors. People were more content.

Now, families can’t even sit together to watch a TV show and laugh or cry together. Each person in the living room has a device in hand, checking emails, the LIKEs on social media and what the Jones are doing. And, the TV is on as well. 10 pm everyones goes to bed, check emails and social media one more time in case they missed something and the morning comes and they start all over again – grab the phone, check who needs them, who liked their post about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Where am I going with this?

This way of living has nothing to do with true success and happiness, to me that is zombie land where people are asleep, checked out. With all respect and love, if at any open moment you check your device and get sucked in the infinity pools* of internet and social media, you are constantly “checking out” – how can you create true success without going within, checking your energy, your feelings and treat the body well, take breaks for deep breathing, healthy foods and connecting with someone for real. What is true success for you? When was the last time you took few minutes to define success and what makes you happy in life? Have you connected the two?

Last year my definition of success got lost. I was so focused on why I was not successful enough that I started making decisions based on fear and external desires. Do you ever have those moments that you don’t feel enough? 99.9% of humans portably do!

That is why I decided to work within again, every single day by meditating 20 min and journaling before work, these two habits keep me in check, keep me present with my heart and my purpose. I paused everything and re-evaluated my definition of success, I even started to work with my spiritual teacher/coach again . This is success for me:

” To help people to reignite their courage, increase their energy and find a cause that brings their passion every day. To create financial abundance by doing my life’s work, to grown and to learn every day while maintaining high energy, vibrant health and finding the joy in everything I do. To stay connected with my heart and let my heart and my high mind to guide me on every decision and every moment. To connect deeply with my friends, to be open and authentic in my relationships. To play! This is success for me.

What is success for you? Take some time and think. What is missing? What is broken? Are you happy? Are taking care of your beautiful body? Connecting with love ones? If not, it is time to pause.

Peace and love, Alex.

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