Stress gets such a bad rep. We hear that stress causes heart disease, strokes, cancer….those words make us believe that stress is the terrible guy that is killing people. That is not accurate.

All these theories that stress is bad started back years ago when studies were being done in lab rats. They were being given shocks for hours, or locked in tight cages with no movement. Of course they got sick, developed tumors and ulcers. That type of stress of course will cause anyone disease and misery. Thank God we are not going under that type of stress.

The stress that is tormenting most people is related to work load, poor relationships with bosses and co-workers, “lack” of time, over use of technology and lack of vision or purpose. This list goes on. This is what I see among my clients and studies related to anxiety, overwhelm, diseases, burnout and unhappiness.

It is not the work load, the “bad” boss that is hurting you. What is really hurting you is the constant worry, anxious thoughts, lack of sleep and rest, low energy and lack of RECOVERY. Recovery is what allows our bodies to restore, rest and repair. Our bodies are extremely resilient and strong, but overtime when you skip meals, sabotage your sleep in order to get more work done, don’t make time for exercise and say you can’t PLAY because you are too busy working, your body/mind systems start to break down. And, you stop having FUN! That is not ok with me and it should not be ok with you.

Everyone at the work force wants to be more productive, but it seems that most people are great being busy, not efficient, focused and productive.

Recovery time is what makes us more productive and have more fun!

Let’s play then, because play time is also recovery time. Join me in my home for a fun day playing outside, working out, meditating, breathing deeply, stretching, archery and great food.

WHEN: June 23rd 8 – 4 pm

COST: $95 for clients     $145 public

What will you learn: 

– How to energize your body in 10 minutes every morning

– Healthy eating

– Breathe for energy and health

– Strategies to deepen your ability to handle stress better

– Find joy in everything you do.

I hope to see you!

Peace and love, Alex.



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