Did you know the 110 million people in America die from a condition that is direct related to stress? That is 7 people every 2 seconds! That is crazy and unacceptable to me.

This is why, as you might have heard, I am determined to help as many people as I can to END HARMFUL STRESS. No one needs to die from stress because it is not the STRESS that kills us, it is the perception we have with the stressor. In other words, the interpretation we have in our minds of what is happening arounds us, specially at work, which studies show is the main cause of stress. That is the reason why I work mostly with high achievers, entrepreneurs and groups at the work force. I go where the stress in the highest.

After years of studying the psychology and the physiology of stress, I concluded that Stress is good and necessary for our growth and evolution. Think about the great things you accomplished in your life, like a college degree, wealth, even fitness , it all comes from stressing our body and brains to expand, get stronger, get better. “Stress is stimulus for growth.”.


But this is the problem – too much cumulative physical and mental stress without proper rest and recovery. Did I say perception is the problem? Yes, plus lack of rest and recovery.

Here is how we start making friends with stress so it does not destroys us:

1 – Manage your ENERGY: start making a list of all the things that rob your energy, from foods to “friends”. Then make a list of all the activities that energize you. Do more activities that energize you, pure and simple and eliminate the energy vampires.

2 – REFRAME stress : instead of saying “I am so stressed out”, try saying “I have some challenges in my life right now that will pass”. Our thoughts and our words create our inner reality and our experiences so choose a positive philosophy.

3 – Clean up your DIET: eat foods that you body can digest well and nourish you. You want more energy right? So feed your body good nutrition. Eliminate all junk and processed foods. Eat organic, GMO free and meats that come from grass fed-pasture raised animals.

4 – Schedule your SLEEP: that is right, schedule your bed time. Get 8 hours of good quality sleep and start your day early with healthy morning rituals.

5 – Morning RITUALS: your morning starts that time you to bed. Move your body for 10-30 minutes while your coffee is being brewed. Spend 3 minutes being grateful and set your intentions for the day. Stay way from the news, emails and social media for the first hour of your morning.

6 – Take breaks to BREATH: deep cleansing belly breaths will send a signal to your brain and muscles to relax, to chill. Use your physiology to decrease stress.

7 – Be PRESENT : In the preset moment there is no stress!

Eliminating unnecessary stress is not hard, it takes awareness and discipline for sure. So start being more present and just notice how you feel, react to things at work, at home and your emotional state. Journal how you feel now and after 7 days practicing these 7 strategies I shared. They look small, they will make a big difference.

Do you want a personal road map that will lead you to more energy, better focus, less stress and a fitter body without boring treadmills and expensive gym memberships? Schedule a free 10x your Energy Call here and I will give you a personal road map.

Much love, Alex.

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