If you follow my blogs, videos or Facebook, you know I talk all the time about Stress, the good and the bad. The bad one is the one that is chronic, that is the stress that causes people to call doctors every day. 90% of doctors calls are due stress. We know now that chronic stress and poor lifestyle cause or worsen chronic disease. Among them are diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease, auto-immune conditions, Alzheirmer’s, ulcers, cancer and so on.

So how do we know when we are under good stress versus chronic stress?

Here is a list of few symptoms that you can check to find out if you are under the bad stress:

– I have trouble burning belly fat even though I exercise and eat healthy. Yes____  No___

– I can’t relax or calm my mind unless I am drinking wine or cocktail. Yes___ No___

– I find myself not being very social these days. Yes___No___

– Low energy. Yes___ No___

– My sex drive is low. Yes___ No___

– I am more irritable, edgy and lash out sometimes. Yes___ No___

– I wake up in the middle of the night and have hard time going back to sleep. Yes___ No___

– I wake up very tired 3x or more a week. Yes___ No ___

– I am always stressed about not having enough time. Yes___ No___

– I crave sugar. Yes___ No___

– I have hard time concentrating and being present. Yes___ No___

– I experience stomach pain or nausea or bloating after eating. Yes___ No___

– I worry all the time. Yes___ No___

If you check YES to one or more, I can’t say you are just suffering of chronic stress. What I am saying is that it might give you a clue that stress is affecting your health. You should consult a doctor, preferably a holistic practitioner or a functional medicine doctor to learn more. They will address causes and the root of a disease, not the symptoms like traditional Western medicine does.

Our bodies are extremely resilient. We don’t get sick overnight like many believe. It takes years for a tumor to form, years of poor eating and stress to develop heart disease, years to develop brain dysfunctions. Don’t wait! If you suspect you are under chronic stress go see a doctor, a coach like myself or a Holistic practitioner. Stress can be managed by two ways – mindset and lifestyle. It is about our relationship with the stressors and self-care. When you have a healthy mindset with stress and you  breathe properly, hydrate, eat whole organic foods, exercise and sleep 8 hours a night, you get to experience your body in full states of vitality, health and high performance. That is what we are deigned for.

Peace and love, Alex.


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