If this is true, how come most people are anxious every day because they feel they need to do more and faster? It is because they live by their TO DO list versus BEING in their present moment and in their bodies.

Also there is a tremendous time wasted on doing low value tasks, in other words, things that are easy and they won’t promote any progress and growth.

Why don’t we see more people chilled out and happy at work? Truly enjoying the moment, looking forward to a Monday morning instead of living at fast pace dreaming about Friday afternoon when it is over for 2 days. Is it?

For many now, it is never over. I work with many realtors, entrepreneurs and high achievers at the work force where work never stops for them.

It might stop for a Mom to watch her kid playing soccer, or a time for a glass with wine with friends, and the mind never disconnects with work and with the “to do” list.

So as I was saying, work never stops. And what is the point? Why do we put work above health and well being?

Who is going to do the work when you don’t feel good or aren’t healthy?

What are we chasing? What are we preparing for? Why are we scared to take a full break? Mentally, emotionally and physically and stop these non sense TO DO lists?

Replace that TO DO list for a TO GROW list. And only put on there what really matters, what is meaningful. That means you will do less and will progress more.

You will be happier, healthier and more successful because you will feel fulfilled.

What would be like to do less and experience more? Experience more fun, more friendships, more real conversations, deeper connections, vibrant health, nature, the sound of the birds singing, the kid laughing, the cat playing with his toy…

Being Present with everything you do. Truly being present. Because that past minute we will never have it back. The day wasted angry, frustrated is gone, forever.

If we live an average of 80 years, we have about 29.200 days total. I have lived already 17.520 days, more than half of my life…and I wasted a lot of days.

No more waste. Life is too beautiful and too precious.

I wasted days chasing success, stressed about the future, making myself do things that were not authentic, being angry at someone, judging others, feeling sorry for myself, not feeling enough…No more.

I am not perfect. I hold anger for more than 5 minutes sometimes and I judge sometimes. The difference now though is that I am AWARE. I can recalibrate my behavior in minutes or seconds instead of wasting a day.

We only have the present moment, so why not enjoy it? We try to control the future so hard, and we do that because of our fear, fear of loss, fear of experiencing something negative. So what?

That is life, embrace it all. Be the best version of yourself.

Slow down, do one thing at the time and enjoy it fully.

Live BIG, be BOLD.

Love and peace, Alex.

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