As a coach or speaker I tell people that they need to do what scares them in order to grow.

Hire a trainer, quit drinking, go to bed early, work with a coach, start a new healthy diet…and the list goes on.

We all know what we need to do right now in order to improve our lives and business. I know, you know and yet many times we just don’t do the thing.

It is time to shift this pattern, to break it. To break the addiction of being our stories and our past.

So, I will start.

For a while I have been shifting how I do and operate my business. I decided this year that I wanted my business to be driven by love, passion, inspiration. Not from fear and strategies, but from my truth, my heart.

So I am doing less things that don’t bring me joy and love so I create the space, time and energy to do more things that put me in my zone of Genius. It is fun, it flows and rises my vibration and emotional state and our business is a reflection of us, our state.

I have been doing pretty good with that and I want to go to the next level of that and it is scary because that involves letting go stories of what brings us success.


So I will do more ME, expand ME, not strategies. ME is the core of the business, ME is money, ME is the success and ME is the fulfillment.

This does not mean it is all about ME in a self centered way. This energy is focused on service and purpose. It is not Ego driven, it is LOVE driven.

Who wants more strategies, tricks, systems? They are needed at times and we all have enough of that.

We need more self love, more self worth, more Me time and connection with ourselves and the Source. Your Source might be called God, Buddha, Angels, Universe, Life…it does no matter. We have a Source of infinite wisdom and unconditional love that has our back. That Source loves us regardless of how much money we have, what our titles are. That Love is what we all need to cultivate more.

We make time to do things we hate, and even justify at times spending 8-10 hours in jobs that we can’t stand. “We” I mean as a culture.

And yet, we don’t make time to LOVE ourselves more, time for self care, time to get deeper and connect with the Source, true connecting.

And why is this connection so important?

Because it is only through this connection that we find safety and security, that we find that love that we have been longing for, that peace that we dream of. It is all here, right inside of us. Touch your Heart right now, it is all there.

And it is a big WIN to do this inner work because as I evolve and expand, I become a catalyst for others to expand and our planet expands in Love. We all win.

So I am committing to do one thing that scares me – Meditate for a minimum of ONE hour every morning, and report to you, so you hold me accountable.

Why scary? Because fear of not reading more to be smarter, fear that if I don’t work harder the business will suffer, fear that I might be distracting myself, fear of being vulnerable to you…and as I write this, Fear instantly dissolves because they are all stories, beliefs that we heard our whole life like:

  • You need to work hard to be successful
  • You need to sacrifice yourself to be successful
  • Success comes from a lot fo struggles
  • It is hard to make money
  • Don’t be vulnerable

Think for a second, what these beliefs drive us to feel and do – FEAR and STRUGGLE – to simply survive.

We have been acting life our grandparents in times of recession, where the mindset was “we just need to survive”.

NO! What would happen if we put our attention in Thriving, feeling more joy and abundance in everything we do?

So join me in this movement by choosing ONE thing that you know in your heart if you start doing today, your life and business will shift and thrive. Take the risk, break a bad habit and start a new one.

Step through your fear.

Reply to me and tell me what that is.

For now, please follow me on facebook where I will share messages to inspire you every day and I will report to you what meditating for a hour a day does to me and my life. I am so curious and excited!

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Peace and love, Alex.

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