It has been a little over a month since I moved to the mountains, a place surrounded by trees, birds, wildlife and silence. I feel like I have a brand new life here, the nature calms me down, helps me to let go all worries, fear and unimportant things. Nature has an incredible power to relax our bodies, mind, the nerve system – that is why so many people are attracted to the outdoors. 

Since I moved here, I am happier, more present, more creative and more playful. I have reconnected with a part of myself that was being neglected  – playfulness, the child within. 

After work I pick sticks in the yard, collect rocks, do bow and arrow or I simply watch the humming birds going crazy over the feeder. Finding joy in the simplest things in life is one of the secrets of happiness. Another big tenet of happiness is our environment. 

As many of you know, I was born in Brazil and lived there for 26 years. It was not a place that I felt I was thriving. Here, in nature, I THRIVE. 

For me, Thriving is the opposite of Surviving. In the Thriving zone, we feel energized, inspired, passionate, healthy, excited and joyful. In Surviving zone we feel anxious, bored, stressed out, depleted, edgy and unhappy. Occasionally we all experience those emotions, no doubt, but when people experience those emotions most of their time, that is not happiness and health. Living in surviving zone for a long time leads to depression, weight gain, disease and burnout. 

What makes you Thrive? What makes you feel Alive? Are you doing those activities frequently? 

Unfortunately with all the noise and busyness of work/life, many people are forgetting what makes them thrive or give them joy. They are shutting down that part of themselves because in a sense, feels better not to think about it. But shutting down our playfulness, our ability to have joy has a high cost, we stop enjoying all the amazing things life has to offer, we start disconnecting and that leads to dis-ease.  

I want to share my activities with you. Come spend a day with me in my house near downtown Boulder. Let me teach you my morning rituals that help me to be successful and have energy all day. Plus we will play, eat healthy foods and share great conversations. 

Restore, reset and recharge spending a day playing with me and other amazing women. 

Our activities: 

 – Meditation 

 – QiGong

 – Work out and Stretching 

 – Walk in nature 

 – Archery 

 – Art/coloring 

 – Goal setting for better health and happiness 

WHEN: June 23rd 8 am to 3 pm. We will end with some delicious cold wine and a cheese and fruit platter.

COST: $95 for Vitalé clients       $145 for Non-clients

ONLY 5 spots available. Register now by sending me an email – [email protected]

This will be a super energizing and fun day, don’t miss it.

I would love to play with you! Peace and love, Alex.

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