Not long ago I lost the hard core athlete in me. I lost the playful inner child in me. And the hardest, I lost clarity.

Have you ever lost parts of yourself and that pushed you into a crisis? That crisis looked like having experiences of feeling lost, sadness for no reason, victimization, anger or simply feeling emotionally flat.

There is a gift in losing parts of ourselves though. The gift is that we discover others parts that have been hidden or suppressed in us, or sometimes we discover a brand new quality in us that unfolds in ways that we could never know unless we opened ourselves to newness.

“We need to lose ourselves sometimes in order to allow other parts to emerge.”

I lost many parts of myself in the past, but the good news are that I recovered them all and now I feel they all are in complete harmony. I lost the edge and desire of racing bikes so all that time training on the bike was replaced by reading and researching to become a great coach. I lost my passion working in a gym doing personal training all the time, that was replaced by a new passion in personal development and human behavior. I lost the ability to run wild on the trails of Boulder because of a knee injury, but I discovered my mountain bike again and with that I reconnect with the inner child and the athlete again.

During many solo rides  this Summer in Crested Butte I have had the best insights, business ideas and thoughts for videos and blogs. Plus I reconnected with nature, which was really missing in my busy entrepreneurial  life.

My purpose of sharing this blog is to ignite positivity and hope in anyone’s life right now who is experiencing challenges because you are not doing what you love. You might be an athlete dealing with an injury, or it is time to retire and you are scared about the unknown. Or you are letting go parts of you that don’t serve you anymore and that brings discomfort and senses of loss, even grief.

Who are you? What are your needs?  What is deeply missing in your life and you keep putting out for later? You don’t have an answer? That is normal and fine, just open yourself, open your mind, become extra curious, go take an art class, go dancing, get out of your head and you will find all the answers and peace that you long for.

You are not lost. You might be simply transforming and that brings up fear sometimes, just  because of our need for control. You are in control of this moment, you can choose your attitude, thoughts and actions. You have a choice, always.

Peace and love, Alex.


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