Low Back Pain

Many times low back pain can be solved with a simple and sound exercise program that includes mobility, flexibility and a strength plan.

Common causes of low back pain:

  • Poor core function/strength
  • Postural fault patterns
  • Digestive stress related to food sensitivities
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Muscle tissues/fascia overload by improper exercises
  • Disc Herniation or degeneration
  • Connective tissue strain

Low Back Pain

Our approach:

The first thing we do at Vitalé, with all of our clients, is a lifestyle and health assessment to determine the total stress load that is imposed upon the body every day. We look at the physical, mental and emotional stressors which can all be contributing factors to low back pain. The next step is a full postural, movement and flexibility evaluation. That will give us all the information of how your biomechanics could be causing your discomfort, pain and weaknesses.

After the assessment, a corrective exercise specialist will design a strength and a flexibility program that is unique for your needs in order to re-establish body alignment, core strength and muscle balance and ultimately decrease or eliminate back pain.

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