You all have heard of the term Emotional Intelligence, which means:

– Recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and understand how our emotions affect others. This term was created by Peter Salavoy and John Mayer. However, most people think of Dan Goleman because his famous book: Emotional Intelligence.

We all want to do more in a day, be more productive, more creative. We can’t manage time, but we can manage energy and become a high performer. 

In my video, I talk specifically about how our emotions affect our energy levels and therefore, our stress levels, productivity levels  and happiness factor. I always state that stress is relative to our inner state, specially our emotional state. If we manage our emotions daily, meaning we are addressing our negative emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, we will be able to handle stress with a much better attitude and open mind – we can always be in state of joy no matter what.

Try to handle the every day stresses at work when you feel depressed and angry. That will eat your energy up, will take down your productivity, performance and  it will kill your creativity – a recipe for burn outs and unhappiness.

But there is great news: burning out is totally preventable. Even if you don’t have the job of your dreams yet, when you have high levels of energy, creativity, engagement and performance, you are happier. Is that simple.

How Emotions block our ability to generate energy? 

First let’s review what gives us this gift of constant energy. There are the obvious sources of energy: food, pure water, exercise, play time, sex and  rest/sleep. But there is a silent energy drainer that you might not be aware of – unresolved negative emotions. For instance, anger that has been sitting inside you since your girlfriend left you, or resentment because your dad never told you how proud he is of you, or you are constantly thinking about what will happen in the future – well know emotions of worry and anxiety or simply fear.

Imagine that everything is energy, there is always an exchange of energy with everything. We either expand energy or we leak energy. Simple example: eat 2 slices of deep dish pizza from pizza hut or eat a piece of grass fed beef with sweet potatoes and greens. Even though they have the same amount of calories, they are carrying completely different information to your body. Your energy will be different from each one of those meals. Energy is a response of the information. 

Emotions are one of the greatest sources of energy. Joy, courage, love, faith, confidence are examples of emotions that generate us energy all day long. When we get ruled by negative emotions, we can’t tap into these positive emotional  resources. This is how energy gets blocked my negative or dark emotions.

Now, I need to make a disclaimer. I am not stating here that negative or dark emotions are bad. They are information that guides us to grow, to change, to evolve. The “bad” side of those emotions is when they are suppressed, denied and forgotten. They will become the quiet stressor, affecting your subconscious mind programs and therefore ruling your thoughts, habits and patterns. Plus they will suck your energy!

How do we transform the energy of those dark emotions into energy to change and to grow? 

This is the exciting part. It does not need to take years of therapy or months of hypnosis friends ! It takes 4 words:

  • Consciousness  – you need to be aware of what you are feeling
  • Clarity  – understand where these feelings are coming from
  • Courage  – face your emotions, face your own beliefs system and
  • Change  – ask yourself what is working and what is not.

Then, take actions. When you look at your emotions head on, and identify their origin, you remove their force upon you right away. That will liberate energy that you need in order to find the joy, faith, courage to create what you want versus just going with the motions. You might find very helpful to work with a life coach or a cognitive behavior therapist to learn how reframing thoughts and beliefs.

Take control, take charge. Live a life that is energized, that is intentionally created by you and it is fulfilled with love, happiness, peace and creativity.  We have only one shot in this physical world here as the person we are now, make it count. 

Peace and love, Alex.


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