Do you put wealth before health?

Do you sacrifice quality time with family or time for yourself because of work?

As a coach who helps busy achievers who struggle with overwhelm, stress and fatigue to win their day with great energy and perform at their highest levels, I feel extremely rewarded when I see my clients almost doubling their week sales and feeling more joy while being more productive. It increases their confidence and self-esteem.

The formula? More self care and clarity. That is it. With daily strategies, of course.

Think about it. What happens when you feel energized after a work out and have clear goals for 90 days or for the week? You win your day. You don’t waste time, there is no room for distractions and even overwhelm – which many experience at work. You feel awesome!

Overwhelm, anxiety and stress can suck the life force out of you. With that, your two most precious resources – time and energy suffer. Work quality goes down or it becomes mediocre, sales might stay the same or plummet and the worse part, joy is gone.

Joy is a marker of fulfillment.

I meet busy achievers weekly who are hoping to get more time and energy, they hope something external will change. It won’t. Energy is generated from our psychology and physiology. Feed your mind positive and life affirmative thoughts and you feel good. Make time for exercise daily, eat whole some foods, organic and grass fed animal proteins, good quality fats and your physical energy will meet all your demands and more. Connect with nature and love ones daily and you get your dose of happiness every day.

The more energy and clarity you have, the more efficient you become. It sounds like common sense, and yet, it is not common practice. You unleash the Super You.

The paradigm must change. We don’t get better results, more success by working harder and longer hours. We get better results by having great energy and free time for self care and family – that is the foundation of wealth. Having millions in the bank while getting sick, anxious and stressed out is not wealth. Put health before wealth and you will have it all!

If you are interested in learning how to double your productivity while creating more energy, having a crystal clear vision and get healthier without hours on a boring treadmill, call for a free 15 minutes conversation. We will brainstorm and see how I can help you to achieve your goals faster and have fun in the process.

Peace and love, Alex.

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