Do you often think that you need better time management skills? Do you feel stressed out about the stress in your life? Do you ever feel like you can’t take put more thing on your plate?

You are not alone. Like I said on my previous blog, we are all going on an overdrive to achieve success and in that mode, it is easy to lose purpose and meaning of why we do what we do. And the worse, we deplete our energy and lose joy.

Before you bit yourself up about managing time and stress, I want to bring your attention to something more important to manage, your ENERGY.

 Energy is the most important resource you have, it fuels your life and everything you do. You must protect it and plan how you will keep generating more so you operate at our best, with excellence.

When you have resources you are more focused, more motivated and you handle stress with a state of calm and clarity. You stop being stressed out! 

We have 4 sources of energy, see below. I also gave you one example of an action that can generate more energy for each source.

Emotional – make deep connections with your loved ones or anyone, daily. Make the time for it.

Mental – set aside 30-60 minutes every day to read and to learn something new. Improve your knowledge.

Physical – move your body 30 minutes every day, even just a lunch walk. Pump your body with vitality and nutrition.

Spiritual – cultivate a 5 minutes practice of gratitude every morning. Gratitude state will set you up for a great day.

These practices are so simple and yet, very powerful. If you don’t have practices, habits or rituals that amplify and sustain your energy all day long, you will feel depleted, tired, easily overwhelmed, irritated and the worse, your ability to handle stress will decrease a lot.

So, start now, take control of your energy back for optimal performance and productivity. And the best part, more fun and free time because you become more effective!

Peace and love, Alex.



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