Do you ever notice  when people get over stressed they gain weight, look exhausted, get irritated easily and have hard time finding the solutions for their issues? Does this sound familiar to you? I bet it does, as we all have presented those signs at times. These “negative” symptoms and signs appear in times of stress because most people stop taking care of themselves, they stop doing the things that keep them heathy, energized, focused and insightful. This is why stress gets a bad rep. Stress is good for us, it is how we perceive and how we act that will make stress our enemy.

On my video below, I share the top 5 actions that you absolutely should not stop doing in times of high stress:

 Stop exercising or moving the body. Take a walk, stretch, do some body weight exercises for 10 minutes. Just move! Emotions get released when you move, you will feel energized and have new ideas about solving your stress.

Isolate yourself or your problems. We are wired to live in a community, to share our challenges with friends or family, to connect. Talking to someone will help you to have deeper insights. And your problem is not unique! To hold tight into your problem feeling shame or embarrassment is a recipe for depression. Share, talk to someone. A life coach or a therapist can offer great help by seeing your issues on a different angle.

– Eat and Sleep poorly. This one might need to be on top of this list. These are your sources of energy. With no energy, you can’t make changes, you can’t tap into your creativity and wisdom as easily. When you feel depleted you will have a tendency to react out of fear instead of responding to the situation with the best solution. Plus you will be prone to frequent flus, colds and gut issues. Eat well and sleep 8 hours/night so you can restore your body and mind, you will balance your stress hormones and have plenty of resources to face stress with intelligence, strength and grace.

– Stop meditating. ” I don’t have time to meditate”, I hear that all the time. You know what that means to me? That you would rather spend your time worrying and feeling bad for yourself, being stuck. There are times to go fully on in action mode and times to sit in stillness, because that is how you will clear your mind and create solutions. This is how you will find the actions that matter.  Are you stressed? Meditate more, walk around nature or in a quiet neighborhood with no phone, no music. Slow down all the chatting in your head and let your inner wisdom guide you.

Follow these tips and become a peaceful warrior in times of stress!

Peace and love, Alex

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