It is the middle of January already. I want to check in and see how you are doing on the goals that you set for the 2018, for this first 90 days of the year.

Setting up goals is the easy part, having daily strategies to achieve those goals is the challenging part. To learn the best approaches to achieve a goal can be overwhelming. Let’s say finances for example – should you pay off debt then save money? Or save and pay debt at at the same time? Invest on your 401K first or have a 3 months income savings account first? This is why I work with an advisor and read books on financial success, there is not one perfect answer until someone really knows our personal situation. The same goes on fitness and health goals. If you just open Google and start searching best exercise plans you will get totally lost in all the information, and that creates paralysis.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t overload yourself with all the information out there.

Achieving goals requires changes a lot of times. Most likely we need to let go an old habit and embrace a new one in order to be successful on that goal. Here is my strategy on making changes in your life while pursuing a goal. Choose ONE Focus, ONE thing that you know if you put attention to, you will see great results over the course of few weeks or months. Only one thing. For example, do you want to become better at managing your money? Start saving $25 a week. That is all. In 3 months you might be ready to increase to $35, great, increase the savings. Or do you want to lose weight. Cut one food group or one habit at the time, like desserts after dinner. After few weeks you might want to cut the caramel latte every morning. You get the picture, one change at the time. The key is to keep progressing.

Changes are hard because they bring stress. The stress is emotional and mental, it disturbs our routine, our daily rituals and we don’t like that. So to change, besides having a motive to change, you need to go gentle, easy on yourself so you don’t become stressed out in the process. This is why having great skills dealing with stress is fundamental for life success.

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Peace and love, Alex.

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