How did 2018 go for you?

Are you that person who loves to talk about goals? Or someone who hides from that conversation?

Do you get excited with the potential of the new year? Or overwhelmed?

Wherever you are, is all good. We can write our goals, vision, hopes and the truth is we all want one thing:


That is it. Let’s face it, the reason we set financial goals is because we want the money to create experiences, more times where we feel pure joy and love. That is happiness, a state of joy and love.

We set health goals to be healthy, clearly. But again, with the purpose to have the energy and vitality to create experiences that gives us joy and love. It is about emotions. We want to feel good all the time and reject anything that does not make us feel good.

The reason we sit down to write our goals, strategies and plan to achieve them is because we want to create an emotional state that is positive, loving and happy. Working on our goals and progress brings that state of joy – happiness. That is why we do it. To feel good, that simple. Our emotions are our drivers.

What if we can feel the state of joy and love all the time? Regardless of what we are achieving? Is it possible? YES, absolutely. Because that state is cultivated inside us and nothing outside will create that for us. What happens outside amplifies that state, no doubt. When I get a new client and feel happier. When I help a client to succeed, get healthier, increase energy and joy and feel very happy. When I have a great meal I feel happy. We want to sustain that state, otherwise we are constantly chasing the next thing to make us happy. That is our culture right now, chasing happiness. Never relaxed, never satisfied, addicted to quick rewards, impatient, unhealthy.

Happiness is choice, it is a state of mind, a state of being. It is inner work. 

When you rely on the external world to bring you happiness, you experience only short moments of joy and you want more. Think when you bought a new car. You enjoyed the leather, the stereo system, the hot wheels and the shine painting. Then the minute you walked into your office and received an email that you lost a client you got pissed off. What happened with that happiness of having a new car? Gone. The same goes for anything else outside of you. That promotion, a new city, a trip, a new relationship and so on. You will experience temporary joy and that is sad because you have the power to be in that state all the time.

It takes work. Not hard work, but it takes work in the beginning, when you want to train yourself to be in that inner state all the time.

First you need to let go your baggage, the stuff inside you that you have been carrying since you were a kid, or since that divorce years ago, or since a month ago when your partner hurt your feelings. You must let go that garbage, as Michael Singer says.

If a food makes you sick, you don’t fix your health my just eating organic kale and grass fed beef, you need to eliminate the food that is making you sick! That is the baggage. The emotions that have been stored inside you and are robbing your energy and taking room in your body that can be occupied with more joy and love! Why are you carrying anger still? Mad at Mom, Dad, your Ex…What for?

Once I learned the power that we ALL have to create the emotional state that we want, my life changed. And that is why I want to help others to transform, get rid of baggage.

I used to be moody and shut down in many ways. Sometimes harsh, hard and intense to the point that people did not approach me or friends did not want to be around me.  I was preserving my emotions from the past, I had an armor so I could not feel the joy and love around people. That was me, hard to believe if you know me today.

Once I got to know my heart, my mind, my emotions I understood what was happening and I let all that past stuff go. It took some challenges to change, pain is a teacher and it took pain for me to learn. I am grateful for the pain teacher, because it got my attention and my life is filled with joy, love and purpose  because I opened my heart. I know my heart.

Do you know your heart? Is it fully open to experience life, to take the abundance that life can bring to you? Take a journey, know your heart, your feelings. It is only by understanding, being aware that you can truly transform. It is not even right to say that we change, we simply get rid of the garbage that blocks the joy and love and all the sudden is all we feel. It is like pulling down the curtain so the light can  shine through, literally.

I invite you to say Yes to more love and joy because that is our essence. It took me a long time to learn what it meant to say that we are more than our bodies. We are energy, we are spirit and soul and the natural state is alway love and joy.

Love and peace, Alex.


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