Out of My Comfort Zone

“Hiring a coach was totally out of my comfort zone. Do I need this? Would this really help?  I’m not sure what I was expecting but this has certainly exceeded my expectation. Working with Alex has helped me to understand how and why I do what I do or don’t do. Understanding your worth is vital in developing those relationships with your clients, (friends and family), improving negotiation skills, and representing yourself as you want to be perceived. Since working with Alex my business has increased 10%, my price point has increased by 10%, and I am on track to end the year at 20% increase. My business to business has been elevated to a new level, and more importantly, I took a vacation (a short one but I took it.) Alex is awesome. She is intelligent, intuitive, and inspirational. Coaching with her is the best decision I could have made.”

Rose Wickwire – STEPS Real Estate, Denver CO

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