For a decade a tried positive thinking. For many years I wrote on my journals positive affirmations, repeated mantras in my head, read personal growth books and yet, my life did not change.

Remember the movie, The Secret in 2007? That movie was about manifesting our desires. If you wanted more money, you would just put on the vision board money pictures. If you wanted a dream home, you would put that picture on the vision board as well.

The movie told us just part of the story of manifestation. I am here to tell you the other part that was missing, the biggest one, the part which I discovered after years of frustration and studying Universal Laws. Today I can truly say ” I get it”.

Let’s review the conscious and unconscious mind for a second. The conscious mind influences us about 5% on our every day life. We use our conscious mind to make decisions, make plans, pay our taxes on time. Our unconscious mind influences our behaviors, thoughts and feelings 95% of the time!! Hold this thought.

When we repeat positive mantras, put yellow sticky notes every where saying ” I love myself” or ” I am wealthy” we are simply feeding the conscious mind with thoughts. Thoughts have no charge, no effect until it is charged with EMOTIONS. 

Feelings and emotions are the language of the body, the language that our unconscious mind “speaks” and understands. A positive thought is just a seed, the emotion is the soil, the nutrition that makes that seed grow and become a flower.

This is how it works. Let’s say you want to lose 20 Lbs. You start by telling yourself over and over, “I am want to lose 20 lbs”. That does not carry enough emotional charge. Feel the vibration of the word WANT – it sounds separate from you, something out there, way from you, the body does not believe it. (Hang with me…it will make sense) In order to charge that thought of losing weight and put in a language that you unconscious mind or you body understands, you need to FEEL. You need to sit for a minute or two few times a day and feel what is like to having lost 20 lbs. That is when you embody that belief, as you already lost the 20 lbs. You feel the joy, the freedom of being lighter, sexier because you fit in the clothes you love, energized because you work out harder. When you sit with those feelings, you are programming every cell in your body to work towards your weight loss for you. You align your thoughts with your emotional state. That is the SECRET.

Positive thinking alone does not work because it does not have enough life force to overcome all the unconscious negative feelings about the body or weight loss. For instance, if you think all day long positive thoughts  about losing weight and your unconscious mind carries an old belief that “my genetics make me fat”, or “my mom said I would always be fat” you will most likely be in what is called a Yo-Yo cycle. Lose few pounds, gain all over again. Lose 20 Lbs, gain 15 and so on. That is what we refer as Self-Sabotage. Until you erase the old program or belief in the unconscious mind and replace with a new one, you will struggle with success in any area. I was there, believe me. My thing was money. I had it one day, lost all another. Made some more, then I was broke. I had to correct my deep conditioning about money in order to create financial abundance.

Sometimes this work is simple, easy. Sometimes it is not.  The programs we carry can be deep, have thick boundaries around and we need help of a professional to break those boundaries and transform an old belief into a new one that serves us and our goals. Strategies like NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programing can be very effective to change old beliefs. NLP can help changing/stopping simple habits like biting our nails to more complex issues like transforming deep beliefs about self-love and money.

If you want to learn more about creating deep changes in your life and NLP contact me for a free 30 minutes consultation.

Peace and love, Alex.


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